Reflecting On The Past Year When It Comes To Psoriasis

As 2021 came to a close, I thought it appropriate to review and reflect on the year. I wanted to conduct a review of my life with psoriasis as it contains treatment, certain successes, and certain disappointments.

It is something I have never really thought about before. This trip down memory lane might help me to see if there are things I need to improve or let go of. This reflection may also allow me to assess my mental health.

Living with psoriasis for almost eighteen years has definitely challenged me in ways I could have never conceived. Just the thought of reflecting on this past year has my anxiety growing by the minute. Why should I be so nervous about this?

Disappointment after disappointment

Let’s start with the bad news first - a tough one - a look at the disappointments. I could probably write a book on this subject alone, but I am only going to select a few. The biggest one that comes to mind is another year gone and yet still no cure for psoriasis.

To play off of that notion is the fact that in all the time I have had psoriasis, I have yet to go into complete remission. To this very day, I have active plaque psoriasis areas. Seven treatments later and this is my reality.

Another disappointment I am facing is the fact that it seems my current treatment is no longer working. I long for the day when I actually get on a treatment that fully puts my psoriasis in remission.

Finding success is still possible

This category is definitely easier to think about and reflect on. As I sit here, it actually has a calming effect on my anxiety. It is crazy how something can make the anxiety go high and then just as quickly make it calm down.

One of the biggest successes I have had this year is being able to share my psoriasis journey with you and many others. I advocate for the psoriasis community. It continues to fulfill me and give my psoriasis purpose. Advocating was something I would have never dreamed of when I was first diagnosed.

Another success this year was finding my voice when it came to my health care. I play a very active role in deciding my treatments and course of action.

Another year in the books

With more challenges on the way, I have no doubt. However, I know that I can face them head-on. If psoriasis has taught me anything, it has taught me to never give up.

I will not give up on the fact that one day there will be a cure. In the meantime, I will not give up until I find a treatment that works fully. I cling to family and friends that support me. My hope is that there are brighter days ahead.

After all, isn’t that what life with psoriasis is about - looking for those brighter days? So goodbye 2021 - my psoriasis, my advocacy, all my flaws will continue to march into 2022 and face a new year. Happy New Year to each of us on this psoriasis journey.

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