Dear Tenant...

I have known you for the past 55 years. The first 40 years of my life you took up residence in my body. I have tried to evict you so many times over the years. When you wouldn’t leave, I would go see people of authority to help me get rid of you. I even took out complaints with my teachers, co-workers, friends, family, and doctors. They all tried to help me, but you wouldn’t let them in. I was an open door, you would come and go as you please. I’m so tired of cleaning up your plaques and scales that you leave everywhere.

Try everything to kick out psoriasis

I was given light boxes to burn you out slowly and smelly creams and lotions to smother you out. I even tried suffocating you with different wraps and oils to get rid of you. You just kept coming back and hiding in places that I would never think to look. You were very good at going too hard to reach places. I tried to ignore you and hope you would go away, but you never would.

There were times I was so afraid of you that I even tried hiding you from others. I would wear extra clothes and try not to be seen in public. I wouldn’t go to hair salons or beaches and pools. I didn’t want anyone to ever see you. Everywhere I went, you were there.

A new tenant takes up residence

We both started to be ok with this arrangement. You had built up equity in me and taken on squatters rights. You always had a place to live for life. If I fought you; you would fight me back harder and stronger. There were times you even put on extra layers to keep me out.

Then one day you had the nerve to move in another tenant “rent free”. You told me his name was “Psoriatic Arthritis”. How dare you bring in another one of your family members? You even brag to me and said, “You might get rid of me one day, but you will never get rid of my friend.” The old saying is true- give an inch and you will take a mile.

I’m beginning to hate you and your friend. You’ve started attacking my joints and making it hard for me to walk. The pain, swelling, and stiffness in my joints are unbearable. This pain robs me of my sleep every night. Thanks to you I am completely overrun with agony, just one more exciting addition to what you have done to my life.

It's time for psoriasis to move out

You thought you had the best of me all these years. I will get rid of you slowly but surely. I might not be able to get rid of you both, but I will continue to try. It has been too many years trying to fight you. I want my life back now. You have violated your lease for too many years now.

This was never been part of the original agreement. It’s now time for me to put up or shut up. I’m ready to fight. I’m going to make sure no more of your kinfolks take up residence in here. I have now started seeing the best rheumatologist, dermatologist and pain management doctor in my state. I’m also on the best medication that money can buy.

You might have won this battle, but I will continue to fight the war. Psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis your lease has been terminated. Your time is up; move out.

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