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Real Patients Share: Psoriasis Treatment Can Be Overwhelming!

Plaque psoriasis is a largely misunderstood condition. Many people do not know what an outbreak looks like or even that the condition is not contagious. Within the community of people living with psoriasis, there are many stages of the treatment journey.

A look at the psoriasis treatment journey from those who walk it.

Some have found medicines that work well, and some are still on the hunt. But there is more to treating the condition than just a prescription. To find out more about your psoriasis treatment experiences, we reached out to the Facebook community. We asked, “What do you want people to know about psoriasis treatment?”

More than two dozen community members answered. Here are the themes that ran through their responses.

There is no cure

Psoriasis can be managed, but there is no cure. One of the biggest struggles of living with the condition is knowing this. While you may be able to lessen your symptoms, you will have to manage it for the rest of your life. For many people, this is an extremely stressful part of having plaque psoriasis.

  • “There is no cure for it. I hope and pray they find a cure.”
  • “It is very bad that there is no cure. I wish there was, as I have plaque psoriasis on my feet and it really hurts.”

This diagnosis is emotionally painful

Not only is it painful and challenging to deal with the physical symptoms of psoriasis, but it is also draining to deal with the emotional side of the condition. Having a psoriasis flare-up can feel embarrassing. It may make you want to isolate or hide your skin.

  • “Be kind when you see someone with a rash. Emotional healing is harder than the physical healing!”

Medicines can come with bad side effects

People in the community have had varying degrees of success in their psoriasis treatment journey. Some people have found good treatment options, and some are still looking for a treatment that helps. Many who are relying on medicine to treat their psoriasis find that the side effects are often hard to live with.

  • “The medicines come with awful side effects and warnings. Sometimes they work for a short time and then a flare-up hits again!”
  • “The only treatment I have found is a medicine that messes up my liver.”

Do not give up

As tough as it can be to live with plaque psoriasis, it can also get easier. For some people, this means finding a treatment that lessens their symptoms without any major side effects. For other people, this means connecting online or in person with others who have psoriasis to find comfort, understanding, and encouragement.

  • “Do not give up. Everyone is different. It can take time to find the treatment that works best for you.”
  • “I have had some amazing luck recently. It is clearing up for me for the first time in 23 years. I have been taking strong vitamin D tablets and using Enstilar more frequently.”

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