Two hands with psoriasis nails. Overlaid on the hands are scribbles hiding the nails.

Psoriatic Nails

I am almost sure that treating nail psoriasis is one of the trickiest things. I have to date, not found something that helps mine.

It seems to have a mind of its own and it is not linked to any of my flares. They are truly a world unto themselves. What they do bring to my life is utter frustration.

If I had a penny for every treatment, drop, cream, or spray I have tried to make this go away, I would surely have a lot more money in my piggy bank. So in the plight to make my nails hurt a little less and more-over look a little less hideous, I have come across some ways and things that help stick it out.

When nails look dirty from psoriasis

I hate it when my nails are dirty and more so when they look dirty and they are not. These days that is all the time for me, I cannot stand it. While I am not a superficial person by nature, I do like my nails to look nice and clean. So I keep them clean by soaking them in a gentle soap mix giving them a good scrub and cleaning out underneath.

This can prove a challenge, as the build-up can be pretty hectic and painful. It took me years to figure out that I should not keep digging until my fingers ache. Sounds silly right, a person would think that I would automatically stop when it hurts. I never used to, but I now do as I know it does more damage when you just keep digging.

Painting or getting nails done

Whether you choose gel, acrylic, or normal paint, if you are tired of the way they are looking, paint them. If you choose to have someone else do it, make sure you find a reliable and friendly salon that is aware of your condition and happy to assist you.

I often chose a plain color for day to day things and pretty playful colors over the weekend. I use nail art and glitters to keep the excitement going. While I love gel nails and they have to date not caused any damage for me, I could not be bothered to have it done all the time. Acrylic I would love to try. I have heard many people use it very successfully.

Trying different products and "potions" for nail psoriasis

Despite having tried many things on the market, when nails are really bad and the pain is unbearable, I am prone to trying something again. I will often use some of the prescription creams I am using at the time. Please check with your doctors before you do this so that it does not cause any harm.

I soak my nails clean and clear out any build-up underneath. Gently using an orange stick (those funny pointy nail sticks) and deliver a drop of my ointment under the nail. One application every couple of days and that seems to be enough to bring them back under control for the time being.

I am careful that I do not use it too often and that I only use the one that my doctor has approved for use under my nails. Goodness knows that the last thing I want to do it to make matters worse.

Paint the pretty and have a sparkling day. Cause sometimes out of sight is truly out of mind.

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