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Do You Schedule Rest Time for Yourself?

Resting is an important part of being healthy. A body that works has to have time to rest. Think about everything we put our bodies through in a day. Now add the fact that we have psoriasis, and don't forget the mental aspect of daily living.

My day consists first of stiffly moving out of bed. Second, dressing is a contest but able to be done. Third, preparing a diabetic breakfast. Fourth, feeding my furry family... 2 dogs and 3 cats. There is no rest or breaks at this point. At this point, my day can vary. Some days, it is household chores. Other days, it might be errands, and others, it might be a day to care for my 90 year old father who has dementia. My adult children help out with the chores, errands, and sometimes their grandpa. The only break I get is sitting to eat. Then I have to eat lunch. Eating healthy is vital for everyone. Next, is time for my paperwork, calls, or writing time. This doesn't last terribly long before I see the clock and start prep work for dinner. Once dinner is made I finally find time to rest!

Learning to accept rest

In a perfect world, I would find more time to rest. Then comes the unexpected... pain and tiredness. Swelling is often a part of the pain. Not just a physical tiredness but mental tiredness. Once in a while, waking up is hard for me. Getting dressed can take a bit, but so far, I have not had a need to have help. Breakfast goes well most days. Family pets have become a shared chore. Everyone helps out. I handle feeding them when I am able.

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Control is something I have a real issue giving up. At first, I was mad at myself that I couldn't do everything I wanted to. It seemed to me like I should be able to do so much more. When you think about it though, you can't ask anyone to do more than they can. Why have been unable to admit that I am not able to do everything I want to do? But, everything and everyone needs rest. Instead of wearing myself out, I have learned to give myself breaks.

Scheduling more breaks for myself

As I begin to work on my schedule for my day now, there are breaks I purposely add in. Learning to recognize signs of pain, discomfort, and tiredness is helping me to know when breaks should be included in my day. Having resting spots has made me more able to complete all of my tasks. Admittedly, there are times that I have to learn to reschedule things for the next day so that I can take some time to rest.

Overall, I have learned that I may in fact be a day late to get things done, but I will complete everything I want to do, in my own time. Scheduling breaks keeps me from losing hope, because doing something later doesn't mean I won't do it! Adjusting my schedule keeps things from being overwhelming and impossible. Try it and let me know!

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