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The Horror When Psoriasis Comes Back

Last updated: March 2023

I've not been shy in sharing my psoriasis journey - the good and the bad. As with all things in life, it's a balance, right? In my more recent articles, I've taken the opportunity to share what seems to be a more optimistic outlook as I've shared my current treatment and that remission with certain plaques seemed to be on the horizon.

As we all have begun to expect with this finicky disease - and despite my best efforts and the continued use of Skyrizi, I’ve noticed my plaques spreading and appearing in more and more places. It's been stressful, difficult to process, and painful. A heavy emotional toll to say the least.

I can't let this stop me.

If you're experiencing this too, I write this to state, you are not alone. As someone who’s had this condition for years, I’ve suffered ups and downs related to the patches, their severity, and how widespread they are.

When I was younger this was particularly difficult owing to the fact I wanted to look my best and pursue relationships, romantic and friendly, but often had to hold back because I wasn’t sure how people would take to my psoriasis.

This time, though, I’m trying to see my condition in a different light. I am determined this time not to let psoriasis stop me from doing things and having fun. At the moment, I’ve noticed psoriasis patches on one of my legs and on my stomach, near the belly button.

I recently had a check-in with my dermatologist and I raised this as an issue, but I decided that because the patches were not large or found in lots of places, I wasn’t going to pursue topical treatments or other injections at this moment in time.

Could alternative psoriasis treatments help?

Instead, I have decided to use natural remedies such as oils, emollients, and moisturizers. For my scalp, I continue to use coconut oil and a fine comb to get rid of the scales, and I've experienced huge relief.

Though my barber has noticed how red and angry the lesions are, I have had a few occasions where the patches have bled as I’ve picked out the scales. However, as I get better with it and use the comb in a softer fashion, I’m confident it will continue to help. It already makes my hair feel replenished and better.

When it comes to the scales elsewhere on my body, I have stuck to moisturizers and just do it here and there, not regularly, yet. As I’ve said the scales are not large or widespread, so more intense treatment isn’t needed just yet, in my opinion.

If they get worse or I notice a widespread outbreak, I will more of my moisturizer and seek more intense treatment from my medical team so I can bring the lesions under control.

Getting my psoriasis triggers in order

I am hoping, however, that reducing my stress levels and feeling better within myself will also help too. Stress, we know, can be a big trigger for psoriasis.

Personally, I’ve been trying different things such as going to bed earlier, consuming healthier foods, and sticking to a better diet. I've also begun incorporating more exercise into my lifestyle - all in a bid to reduce my stress levels and improve my psychological health.

So, the combination of ongoing treatments, using natural remedies, and reducing my stress levels, I hope will see my psoriasis patches disappear and bring the latest outbreak under control. Of course, it could be some time before I see improvements, but I’m prepared for the long game.

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