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Safe Spaces For Sharing About Psoriasis

I mean, in addition to managing this incurable condition, those with psoriasis are painfully on display. Because of their exposed skin and visible plaques, this unfortunately, invites forward questions, hurtful comments and shame-inducing stares.

Next week is the start of Psoriasis Awareness Month also referred to as Psoriasis Action Month. When the outside world sees skin before person, why oh why would we want to "take action" or raise awareness?

Psoriasis is a part of your life. Not your whole life.

Well, in the most basic of ways - mustering a semblance of confidence to share our experiences allow us to take back control. The benefits allow us to feel seen as a person, not a condition all while providing that same validation to someone else.

Here at PlaquePsoriasis.com, our community is set up to do just that. We have a wealth of different forums and safe spaces to put your thoughts to keyboard and straight to a community of support.

Babble about biologics!

If you have tried many different treatments and find yourself with severe symptoms, your dermatologist may recommend a biologic treatment. If you have a question about biologics, side effects and treatment options. We offer you to ask in your biologic treatment forum to find the answers your may be looking for.

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Talk about topicals!

Topical treatments are lotion-like treatments that are applied directly to psoriasis skin and have to be applied frequently for them to begin working. If you're interested in learning more about the different topical treatments or have to advice to share, our topical treatment forum is waiting for your experience.

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Speak about skin care!

Those with psoriasis have strict skin care routines that take an extensive amount of time during the day. If often takes trial and error to find speciality products, tracking (and avoiding) triggers and carving time throughout the day to prioritize said routine. Share your feelings about skincare below.

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Mental health monologues!

The emotional toll of psoriasis is nothing to be ignored. Managing symptoms, multiple doctor appointments, treatment and triggers are just scratching the surface of this chronic condition. Shame, insecurity, and depression are often unseen symptoms that can weigh pretty heavily. You're not alone and we're here to listen and support.

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Clear up some space and lighten your mental load.

While we may try not let psoriasis consume our every waking thought and even welcome any distraction to remove it from the forefront of our brains, this condition and its impact are still running in the background of everything we do. Emotional relief is on its way.

If you have a specific question you'd like to ask about psoriasis that we didn't cover above - we warmly invite you to create your own forum thread and ask our community directly.

We hope you feel seen and safe in our community's questions, stories, articles and resources. You're certainly among people who understand the reality of this annoyingly painful condition - and we're so happy you're here.

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