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Oils I Use To Manage My Scalp Psoriasis

Managing scalp psoriasis is nobody's cup of tea, for many who live with this insufferable way of life, scalp psoriasis flakes and falls into everything. This inconvenient symptom influences outfit choices, hairstyles, and even mood. Personally, I've experienced hair loss due to scalp psoriasis.

Going the all natural route...

I was struggling with my prescription shampoos, and out of desperation, one day, I decided to try something different. I decided to try my itchy hand at natural alternatives. I've prioritized learning new ways to manage my flares - it quickly became a personal project.

My first stop on my alternative treatment tour? Youtube. I have spent hours on this platform, specifically for scalp psoriasis management. Of course, everyone's scalp psoriasis and skin are different. I'm sharing what I've come across in my research and what has worked for me - and the result of that research has been certain oils.

Research, research, research

I found tons of oil recommendations for psoriasis and scalp psoriasis on Youtube. I don't make decisions lightly. That said, narrowing down my options was not a fast process. In other words, I spent a lot of time reading, watching, and learning about every oil you can imagine.

First, I put my focus on my why. What was my reason behind wanting to give oils a go? Secondly, I identified my hopes or goals behind it all: tackle the darn itch, minimize the scales, and regrow my hair. Finally, I made the time to create a daily regimen as well as journal about the impact of the products.

My dermatologist shared that nothing was proven from the videos or articles that would or could absolutely ease my symptoms. She is constantly reminding me that psoriasis is not one size fits all.

Could these oils really work for me?

I found a few influencers and youtube accounts that I could resonate with and see myself in. We shared common ground, symptoms, and lifestyles. This allowed me to select my options reasonably easily. Peppermint oil, coconut oil and olive oil.

Peppermint oil is known to help stimulate skin and hair growth. For me, coconut oil helps lift the scales. Finally, olive oil for its awesome moisturizing benefits. There is an all-natural shop in Brooklyn, NY, where I purchase these from. All natural is important to me. I like to make sure I have the best oils without any additives like fragrances.

Maintaining a consistent routine

Each day, for months, I would use a blend of the oils together. I applied them on my scalp early in the morning and then again at night. On top of this, I would massage my scalp with my fingertips for a few minutes each day. 

Over time my scales would disappear, and my hair grew back. Consistency is key, even when you don't feel like it. Even though I would spend the extra time in the morning and at night, it was worth it to me.

Just a peak at my own experience

Even though I have found a routine and oils that help, I still have experienced some small flares. I am human, and there are days that I have not stuck to my routine. It's all a part of life!

The good thing about it is that I can always pick right back up. Luckily my scalp has been under control, and I know that if things shift, I can track and adjust. Have you tried different oils for your scalp psoriasis? What helped, what didn't? I'd love to hear from you!

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