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alt=a woman's partner checks her scalp for the return of psoriasis

Oh No! Scalp Psoriasis Has Returned!

My life with psoriasis can be described as a roller coaster - so many ups and so many downs. At my lowest point, I was 80% covered in psoriasis plaques. These plaques were everywhere except my face and scalp.

In my 17 years of living with psoriasis, I never experience psoriasis on my scalp. Well, until now. Just last week, I found my very first plaque on my scalp. I was in denial, but I could not ignore the obvious. I can't see it, but I can certainly feel it. Have you experienced something similar?

The dreaded psoriasis itch, in a new place

For a couple of weeks now, my scalp has been particularly itchy. You know the itch - the one that sends a shiver down your spine in a blink of an eye. This itch on my scalp was new and it was driving me crazy. I could only stand it for so long before scratching. Soon enough, it started burning.

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I couldn't feel a sore or raised skin. As a child, growing up, I had severe dandruff that would flake to the point it was visible in my hair. I was picked on relentlessly. Could it have been scalp psoriasis? I have to wonder now.

I did not have psoriasis anywhere else when I was a child. In fact, I was 33 when the first patch developed on my leg.

Is it really scalp psoriasis or something else?

I felt the plaque. I even had my husband take al ook since it's on the very top of my head, toward the back. He said it looked like a bug bite. That could make sense since we live in Louisiana, and the mosquitoes are terrible here.

One thing I do know is that a single bug bite can start a new patch of psoriasis. The itch and burn could have been caused by a mosquito bite, for sure. But is that just trying to explain away the obvious? Everything within me wants to say that I am just overthinking this.

Scalp psoriasis is a legitimate possibility. It will be a month before I see my doctor that treats my psoriasis. She has already wanted to do a biopsy, there is absolutely no way I will allow her to do a biopsy on my head. Have you ever gone through that before? If so, I would love to hear about it.

What is your scalp psoriasis experience?

For those of you that live and manage scalp psoriasis, would you please share your story with me? Do you remember how it started? Did you feel the itching and burning before the plaques appeared? I'm not looking for anyone to try and diagnose me. I will leave that up to the doctor.

I am just a bit freaked out currently, so it has me wondering how it started for those of you. Please share if you are okay with doing so. If not, I completely understand. Look for another article to come once I see my doctor and get the results. Thank you in advance for sharing.

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