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Love Yourself in All the Seasons of Psoriasis

Last updated: February 2020

Psoriasis like many things in life comes in stages. The condition is something that we all experience differently. Where we are in our personal journey has a huge impact on how we react to the challenges of the condition. Especially at different stages.

Seasons change and so does psoriasis

Learning to accept myself as I am, with all my dings and dongs was a huge moment for me. Equally important, it taught me to be more accepting of others. So take a moment and learn to love yourself in all the seasons of your psoriasis.

Accepting how things are at different stages does not mean that you are giving up. It just means that you are learning to love yourself no matter where you find yourself in this journey


The trees are full of leaves, bright green in the sunlight, birds are chirping. The gentle breeze sways your branches just enough to make it seem as though you are dancing. Branches for children to swing from and shade for those in need of a rest.

Summer for me brings my season remission, for the most part anyway. It is a good time for me, emotional strength is easier to come by. I find it easier to share the love as I do not need too much to survive on a daily basis.


Oh, all the beautiful colors on the trees, the dashes of red and sparkles of orange. Everything feels warmer and kinder. The colors are so lovely. They also mean the tree is shedding its leaves.

So I find myself a little weaker. I know the winter will soon be arriving and while I carry some of the beauty of summer it is fading, and quickly too.


The tree has lost all its leaves, the branches are bare and fragile from the cold. The rains have come causing some parts to swell. Moss will soon take over and cover the bark in beautiful green patches, which is velvet to the touch. Days are shorter and the darkness arrives.

Winter is my major flare season. It is a tough time physically and mentally. Importantly, it is the time I need to focus on keeping my head above water. Pain levels sore and my general demeanor may not be as congenial as it is in other seasons. It is the season where I find acceptance and loving myself hard to come by. Winter is also the season when I work on it the hardest.


The promise of warmer weather is on the way with fresh new leaves budding on the trees. Nights are a little shorter and days are a little lighter. The beginning of spring is normally me still coping through the end of my winter flare.

Later in the season, the air seems a little easier to breathe. Which makes it easier for me to love myself and be kind, to myself and others.

Take time throughout the seasons

No matter the season, take the time to care for yourself as you are. Never forget that we teach others how to treat us, by how we treat ourselves. So love yourselves in all the seasons.

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