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A silhouette of a person shocked, surprised, and annoyed at the skin flakes left on the couch where they were sitting

Psoriasis And Shedding Skin: What Can Be Done?

Psoriasis is a troublesome condition. It causes breakouts of red, angry lesions or plaques that can you make scratch and feel depressed. There are many issues with managing this condition that can manifest itself.

Shedding skin is just one nuisance when we’re dealing with our psoriasis. It can get everywhere: all over the carpet, down the side of the sofa and even all over your bedsheets. It can itch, causing you to scratch and perhaps even bleed. Bloodstains can show up on your clothes in addition to the excess skin falling everywhere.

What can we do about shedding skin and psoriasis?

Frustrations include the time it takes to apply moisturizers, the look and feel of plaques, how people look at you and especially when bits of your skin shed on the floor.

For me, that was one of the hardest parts of dealing with this condition. Having skin fall on the carpet, down the back of the sofa and be all over my bed made me feel angry, depressed and anxious. But, what can you do about it?

Speak to a doctor or health professional about your skin

This is so important. They may be able to prescribe a moisturizer or other treatment that will take away the need to scratch and thus prevent bits falling on the floor. You can go over your concerns with them and they can advise as to what the best solution will be.

Apply moisturizers to prevent shedding

Accept that this will take time but it will also be one of the best ways to stop skin shedding. Moisturizers add a layer to your skin, making it moist and thus making it harder for the skin to form in the first place. What it won’t do is get rid of the plaques, but will do keep some of your skin symptoms at bay.

Moisturizing will make your skin feel softer and you’ll feel better once you’ve done it. Take time choosing a moisturizer. Head to a pharmacy or health shop, have a look at what they offer and go forward with a purchase.

Distract yourself

This is going to be difficult. You may need to go for a run, jog, or read a good book. Whatever you do, try and stop yourself from scratching. Distracting yourself will allow for far fewer bits to fall on the floor and it won’t make your plaques bleed.

Invest in a good vacuum

Perhaps one that comes with a smaller vacuum that can get into sides and cracks. You will need to vacuum at least a couple of times a week depending on the severity of your condition, but this will make it a lot easier. It may feel like an annoyance to have to keep doing it but be kind to yourself. You have a skin condition and it’s imperative. You can accept that and you can be happy.

Be kind to your shedding skin

If you feel at your wit’s end, definitely see your doctor and explain what’s happening. He or she will be best placed to prescribe something that will not only shift the excess skin but stop it from coming back. The other pieces of advice are good for maintenance but won’t necessarily cure the problem.

I am confident that if you apply some of the tips above, you will see some relief, particularly with applying moisturizers. They will be the biggest help in the battle against shedding skin.

The final thing is, just be kind to yourself. Some of the options listed in this article won’t give complete relief from shedding skin, but what they will do is help to minimize their impact on you. One of the most important pieces of advice is to accept that you have a chronic skin condition where one of its defining features is the falling of excess skin.

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