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Psoriasis, for the last 15 years has played such a big role in my life. So much so that it is a part of who I am. I know people say that you should not allow things like psoriasis to determine who you are. While I have not done that, I have learned to accept that it has shaped so much of who I am. The life experiences I have gained are priceless.

One thing that it took me a long time, and a lot of hard work to work out, is how to live with my psoriasis unapologetically and loudly. It was important to do this without allowing it to take over every facet of my life. Balance I believe is key in most things in life so I do try and bring it into this part of my life too.

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Skins out

I do not easily cover up my psoriasis, there are times when I have a bad day or week, but they have over the years become few and far between. For the most part, my skin is out, even in winter, too, because it is really sore and hard to cover up. The fabric aggravates the psoriasis on my arms so badly. Many years ago, there was a time when I would cover up every spot that I could, to avoid the stares comments, etc. If this is where you find yourself in this journey, that is okay too. This is a no-judgment zone.

Many people close to me have asked why I chose to live with my psoriasis just shy of being on display, and the truth is that I got tired of hiding. I wanted to advocate and be a part of what changes the stigma that surrounds psoriasis. I welcome the questions, I welcome all the suggestions and try and remember to take them from where they come. Some days that can be hard, and I get frustrated, people do stare and there are so many people who have a lot to say, not all of them are kind. That is just the way the world is.

I want others who live with psoriasis to see me, and realize that they aren't alone. Changing the stigma, in my opinion, comes with not hiding.

The impact of not hiding

On more than one occasion I have been stopped by people who also have psoriasis, and had a chat about products, DIY ideas, and more! It has connected us and I can see the relief on their face when they realize that they aren't alone. More than once this has been in a grocery store, or simply on the street, places where usually we would just walk by each other. This for me is worth every comment and stare, for me a woman living loud and with her psoriasis out was a life changer for me. If I can offer only one person that feeling of not being alone, Then it is worth it to me.

I want to live a full life, we all deserve to live a life that makes us happy and content. This does not have to include living with your psoriasis out, for everyone, and that is totally okay. This looks different for all of us. What I do know for sure, for myself is that it has changed how I live, while people may stare and say things, it pales in comparison to the stress, physical pain, and distress caused by covering up. My skin does not like being covered and will quickly get angry and start hurting and itching. This leaves me unable to enjoy my day or event or anything really.

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