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Prioritize Self-Care & Love Your Psoriasis Skin!

When was the last time you did something just for you? Self-care is about looking after and taking care of yourself – in a healthy way. Although it's a simple concept, in theory, it's something we very often overlook.

The importance of self-care when living with psoriasis

Daily negativity or stress and the challenges of battling a chronic illness can take a toll. Although its definition and practice can vary, implementing self-care through daily life produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Self-care is necessary to remind yourself and others that you and your needs are important too. Read further thoughts here: Why Is Self-Care Important and How Can We Practice It?

What are some self-care activities?

There is so much more to self-care than moisturizing and hydration. Getting in some sun time, finding exercises to release stress and making healthy diet choices are all self-care choices. Finding self-care activities can be half the battle. The other half is making the time.

Here are a few articles that can stir up some self-care activities when you've prioritized the time.

Learn to love your psoriasis skin!

Psoriasis shows up on your skin, but it can affect your confidence, too. Connecting with others about psoriasis, learning all you can about this visible condition and focusing on what's important are all helpful tips to feel comfortable in your own skin.

But how can you love your skin when it feels like it constantly turning against you? Our contributors can relate. Here are some helpful articles for those days when you're looking for some positivity.

Put your self-care to the test!

One fun way to track your self-care is to make it a game! We've created a bingo card to help you prioritize self-care and follow through on those self-improvement tasks.

Now, take your time as you go and when you hit bingo, you win the ultimate prize - a better, more relaxed version of yourself!


Download the Printable Bingo Card (pdf)

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