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3 Ways I Prioritize Psoriasis Skincare as a Mommy

In 2009, I was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis. So much has changed since 2009, including my skin and how I manage my psoriasis. When I was first diagnosed, I was a teenager just entering high school. My confidence was still in its primitive stages, and I was unaware of psoriasis and how to manage it.

As a 29-year-old mother of 2, I am more mature, confident, and knowledgeable about my psoriasis, my triggers, what products to use, and what products I should avoid.

A lot has changed in my life and psoriasis skincare

The biggest thing that has changed over almost 15 years is my self-care routine, especially when caring for my skin. With two small babies, ages 1 and 3, I have to plan strategically when I can indulge.

For example, a long soak in the tub for stress relief and washing my hair with my psoriasis shampoo are very important to my skincare routine but have to be planned around my duties as  “mommy.” Before children, these simple activities were effortless, and I could do them whenever I saw fit.

Now, with my ever-changing schedule, prioritizing skin care is very thoughtfully planned out. However, it is something that I always try to incorporate because it makes me feel good. Here are three ways I prioritize skin care as a busy mom:

Designate time for my skincare routine while the kids are napping or at night after we put them to bed.

Two toddlers keep me extremely busy! I have found that it works best if I wait until they are asleep during nap time or bedtime to schedule “me time” and prioritize my skincare routine.

Not only is this good for my psoriasis, but it also helps with stress, which I know helps prevent flare-ups.

Repurchase my skincare products online before I run out.

As a busy mom with many things-to-do lists and places to go, running out of the products that work for my skin is a major inconvenience because going to the store is not always feasible. For example, coconut oil moisturizer and Cerave face wash are stapled products I always like to keep on hand because they work well with my skin.

I have found that repurchasing these products online before I completely run out makes a huge difference because I am never without them!

Incorporate my personal skincare routine into my family's skincare routine.

Another way I prioritize my skincare is to include the whole family! Since being diagnosed with psoriasis, I have completely changed the types of products I use. I opt for more natural products that are fragrance-free.

I have instilled these same values in my family, and now we all use the same products. This is so helpful because while I am applying coconut oil to my skin and hair, my 3-year-old daughter wants to do the same thing!

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