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Pso You're Aware: Skincare Routines Suck!

Quite possibly the largest part of psoriasis management is caring for the skin. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that generates new skin cells more rapidly than those who don't. The body thinks they are doing this as a means of protection. The body is wrong.

Whether you have psoriasis plaques on your arms and legs, inverse psoriasis in your armpits, guttate psoriasis throughout your back and stomach, or inflamed plaques on your scalp - it all takes different types of skincare routines to manage these painful symptoms. And guess what? They all are annoying, inconvenient and overall suck.

The role skincare plays in psoriasis management.

It's not a one and done 3-step skincare routine. It's intensive, thoughtful and occasionally painful. Some choose to dry brush before a shower or bath. Oh - and forget hot water, that can trigger a flare. We need a medium temperature to avoid upsetting our skin. We need fragrance-free moisturizers and emollients and we need them often.

We asked our PlaquePsoriasis.com Facebook community what their skincare routines look like throughout the day. They didn't hold back. Find their responses below. First, here is where we ask you the same.

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Skincare routines take a lot of time and strategy. It's important that we keep our painful skin treated and at bay, outside of our clinical treatments too. The moral of this story? It ain't easy, it ain't fun but it is necessary.

Starting the day with skincare

Some people set their alarms, wake up, get ready and go. This is not the case for those with psoriasis. We have to add anywhere between 15-45 minutes to our morning routines to prioritize moisturizing and treatment of our skin. It sets the tone for ourselves and our skin for the day.

  • I tell myself the mornings are for me and my self-care. That the time I set aside to moisturize is my way of taking care of me.
  • I wake up, shower with non-fragrant body wash, let the warm water hit for extra time and intensely moisturize with vaseline after. It can be greasy but it's the only thing that helps.
  • I've triggered my scalp psoriasis by using the wrong shampoo. I shower at night now because of it.

Avoiding the afternoon skincare slump

Once the skin has a chance to absorb all that moisturizing, the afternoon slump can set it. For those with psoriasis, this can mean an insatiable itch and full body burn (in addition to being lunch hangry). If this isn't addressed, it could cause for canceling plans and a new plaque or two.

  • I keep a flare care kit at my desk. It has travel size moisturizers, tylenol and same size topicals. I'll escape to the bathroom for a quick moisturizing break.
  • I work from home and will shower in the middle of the day to relieve my skin. The repeat my moisturizing routine.
  • My skin feels too tight by the afternoon and my work clothes feel painful. Sometimes I just go home to be more comfortable.

At night, rest finally comes. Or does it?

At the end of a long, itchy and painful day, we're fatigued and are desperate to hit the hay. But first, another skincare routine. 4 or 5 steps of adding layer of layer of moisturizer to the skin, we throw on our cotton pajamas (or birthday suit) and settle in. Sleep and comfort doesn't come easy and we prepare to do it all again tomorrow.

  • A relaxing bath is a good way to end the day but I have to moisturize intensely after or my skin will inflame!
  • Clean cotton sheets feel so good on my skin after a shower and moisturizing.
  • Somehow psoriasis itching feels worse at night. I try to moisturize before settling in and set up a good nighttime routine. No phones!

Skincare and psoriasis management can suck. We get it.

Psoriasis takes up so much of our brain space. We're always thinking about it and the different ways to improve it. We're avoiding triggers, worried about symptoms and researching treatments. It cracks and bleeds into all areas of our lives and never seem to go away.

Skin care management takes so much time and even more thought. It's a pestering thought and activity that is always always there. While it's important - it's still annoying. There are parts of psoriasis management, that just well, suck. The community of PlaquePsoriasis.com gets it. You never have to justify your condition here.

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