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Spring into Psoriasis: How My Skin Changes with the Seasons

My skin changes so much throughout the year. This is usually due to the changing seasons. 4 seasons throughout the year means we're faced with new weather patterns and temperature changes, all of which our skin is exposed to.

With the dry winter season ending soon in my neck of the woods, spring is quickly approaching. This is going to change a lot about my skincare routine. Of course, I'm looking forward to more time in the sun, but there are a few changes I don't look forward to.

So over the winter season!

During the winter, my skin gets very dry. I am more prone to severe flares during the winter as a result. I also spend much less time outside in the sun because it's too cold. As a result, I am not exposed to natural sunlight as much as I would like to help improve my skin and achieve more natural clearance.

Once spring arrives and the weather gets warm, I can be outside more and get that natural sunlight. My mood overall improves as well. The sun helps my skin a great deal, and with more moisture in the air, my psoriasis becomes less flared and more tamed.

What's in season for spring?

One downside about spring and summer while living with psoriasis is the struggle to find clothes that don't expose too much of my skin. Shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops are a common choice of clothing when it gets warm outside. However, living with full-body psoriasis, I am often self-conscious about revealing too much of my skin.

To help with this dilemma, I choose clothes that are still fitting for the weather but don't make me uncomfortable. For example, if I wear a tank top, I will bring a light jacket or garment to cover up my arms as needed.

When the seasons change, so does skincare!

Another aspect that changes with my skin based on the season is my skincare routine. During the cooler months, I use a lot of heavier products to keep my skin moisturized. My go-to products are coconut oil, cocoa butter, and Aquaphor.

Once spring and summer come, these products are a little o heavy and make me sweat since it's hotter outside. During the spring and summer, I am able to go a little lighter on the moisturizer and use creams and sometimes lotions. My go-to products when it's warm outside are creams such as Cerave and lotions such as Cetaphil.

Weather is just one psoriasis trigger!

Among other things, the seasons definitely play a role in my psoriasis. Other factors, such as stress and diet, are very influential as well. All in all, I have learned that the more I learn about my triggers and best practices for my skin, the better I feel overall about my psoriasis!

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