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Psoriasis Patches Staying Really Dry

Have you ever experienced a time when your psoriasis patches were staying really dry? That is what I am currently dealing with. Psoriasis at best is totally unpleasant. The patches itch, crack, and bleed. They can become very sore. The amount of heat that can come from those patches can feel like your leg is on fire. My most active areas right now are around my ankles, the tops of my feet and on top of my toes. Up until recently I had experienced all those unpleasant things that come with psoriasis. The itching especially concerning my toes would drive me mad. It just felt like no matter how much I scratched I could not get down to where the itch is. However, in what I believe can only be injury related, my psoriasis patches area no longer having those same characteristics.

A broken leg impacting my psoriasis

Two months ago, I had a major fall in which I broke a bone in my leg. I have been wearing a brace that goes all the way down my leg because it broke a bone in my knee. The brace is locked at a 30 degree angle at my knee so it mimics the natural bend of the knee. The brace has 5 oval pads that go against my leg and knee as padding so that the medal does not rub against me. There in lies the problem. I believe the pads are reacting with my skin in a way that keeps my legs dry. With that happening, it is causing the patches of psoriasis to be really dry as well.

Then again, maybe it is because I can only take sponge baths currently. The doctor does not want me using the bathtub because of the potential to fall. I wash the patches as I would if I was taking a bath or shower. I still do my regiment of putting lotion on it after I get out making sure not to completely dry off so that it keeps some of the water moisture locked in. However, that doesn’t seem to be helping currently. I can lotion three or four more times during the day but it is like my skin just drinks it in without retaining it.

The silver lining, sort of

I guess if there is a silver lining in this situation, it is that the dryness keeps it from itching and cracking because the patches are so thick now. Should I be concerned? There is a part of me that is a bit concerned because I have never experienced this before. Not having the insane itching makes me less concerned about it though. I guess I said all that to say I am on the fence about the situation.

Because of the injury and what it takes to even get out of my house in a wheelchair I have delayed seeing my rheumatologist already. I don’t go to see her now until May. No, I did not say the wrong doctor. Because of insurance I am stuck seeing a rheumatologist only at a low-income hospital but I digress.

Have any of you had this dryness happen with your psoriasis even when you have been making sure to moisturize it? If so, can you share with me what you did to make it better? Surely I am not the only one to experience this and I could really use some advice. Anything you can suggest would be greatly appreciated at this point.

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