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Storms Are Not Always About Rain

Last updated: August 2023

Sometimes I like to sit and think about analogies between my psoriasis and other life things. As I sit here today, in front of my computer, there is a storm raging outside. It really got me thinking of the build-up and impact of my own psoriasis flares.

A storm looms closer...

Think about it for a minute. A storm doesn’t just happen without a buildup of conditions. There are always clouds that build before the storm. In the case of where I live, there is heat that builds throughout the day. This type of heat can make storms more severe.

High winds, electric lightning, tornadoes, and hail, among many other natural storm disasters. Depending on the severity of a certain storm, destruction can be left in its path. Are you starting to see the analogy in the storm and psoriasis yet?

Paying attention to weather conditions

Like a storm, a flare doesn’t just happen without a buildup of conditions. In my case, the most severe condition is stress. Stress is my biggest trigger, as it is for a lot of those who live with this painful condition.

I have been under a lot of stress for the past several months. Without going into detail as to why the stress has been tough and something no medicine could help with. It has also made sleeping a chore for me. Those two things combined (like the clouds and heat) have made a perfect storm of a flare all over my body.

This storm shall pass

As with any rain storm that comes along, it usually is followed by sunshine and brighter days. This storm today, that has brought me such deep thought, is no different. It has passed. In its place is beautiful sunshine. The same usually holds true for a flare.

Our skin heals with our proper favorite treatments and soon we are back to where we were before the flare, constantly worried if conditions may worsen and reeling in the effects of the last storm. It's important to let our bodies recover, just as the earth does post a terrible storm.

Learning to dance in the rain...

Living with psoriasis is tough. It creates havoc in our lives. Storms can create havoc in our lives and in our communities. If you currently find yourself mid-flare, please know that this storm shall pass. Hopefully, it passes relatively soon. Until then, pay attention to your conditions and find your own version of dancing in the rain.

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