Heading into the Unknown

I am a self-proclaimed creature of habit, I do not like change unless it jingles in my pocket and can buy me a cup of coffee. I recently read an interesting “food for thought” about how the symptoms for anxiety and excitement are the same. If we can switch our way of thinking to convince our minds that we are rather excited instead of us feeling nervous, things can change. I tried that, in fact, I am currently stuck in a loop with it, besides trying not to go stir crazy. Trying to find ways to cope with the unknown future.

My bags are packed I am ready to go

In two weeks my daughter, who is 5 (she will proudly remind everyone that she is no longer four) are heading to great Australia. My boyfriend lives out there and we are going for a three week holiday! Too excited for words to touch paper!  I have made a list and managed not to lose it yet, of all the amazing things I need for my skin. What I need to pack and what I can get over there. I feel like I cannot pack enough and then ten minutes later I am left looking at the bag reminding myself its three weeks and not three months.


It has been said that Australia gets even hotter than South Africa (the place I call home) and I know without a doubt that it is tropical where I am heading. My psoriasis flares seasonally and with weather changes mostly. Admittedly this has me chomping at the bit about how I will adapt and if my skin will be okay. What if it flares badly? What if it doesn’t? and if my medicine does not work? Okay, wait, stop. Just breathe. I have no idea how my skin is going to react to the new climate, I am going to make myself crazy, trying to figure it out, still working on a way to calm down about this.

New social circles

So not only am I going to spend time with my person and my incredible little human. I am going to be faced with new people who know nothing about me or my skin. Awkward. I am pretty okay with my skin, as okay as one can be really. Many years ago my skin and I made peace with each other. We do not always get along, but we have had to find a way to co-inhabit my body. The idea of facing new people and their questions and possible glances. Feeling a little insecure about that.

Game plan

Take it day by day, pack what I can, and attempt to not get a full-blown stress flare up. It is already starting to show its face not only is it literally showing up on my face, but also sending my arms into a state of glowing red pain.  Attempting to gather my thoughts and pull myself towards myself, I will make it through this. If anyone has any amazing tips with how to cope with going into the great unknown with my skin and awkward self. Please do share.

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