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Psummer Diet

Did I just misspell summer? Nope. It's a special call-out to those living with psoriasis. Summers are special for psoriasis warriors. Summers feel like a blessing for us. The weather is mostly windy and less dry. The extra sunlight can sure our plaques and the additional moisture in the air allows for less pain.

Food options in the summertime

The summer also brings seasonal vegetables and fruits. These new delectables have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These foods are recommended to be a good remedy for us with psoriatic disease.

Tasty berries

I think berries are synonymous to yummylicious. I personally love berries. Blueberries, strawberries and all other kinds of berries have a higher composition of Vitamin C. This is an antioxidant that can protect our immune system. Some people don't prefer eating raw fruits or berries. You can mix them up in yogurt, make a smoothie or a muffin out of them.

Apricots and mangos

It is hard for me to resist these. They are very good for you. Mangos and apricots are loaded with nutrients that are good for us. They include vitamin C, A, fiber, and potassium which will help you improve your immune system and lower inflammation - an added bonus for psoriasis warriors!

Let's talk vegetables

More and more dark leafy green vegetables are available this season. Adding them to your diet can add nutritional strengths of Vitamin K and fibers. This sounds like consuming a lot of raw leafy green vegetables. Don’t do this to yourself, be creative. Try simple recipes with extra content of leafy vegetables. A quick tip: Try making kale tacos. It tastes delicious.

What about protein?

The next thing to add to the platter is salmon. This food has great nutritional value. Why salmon? Omega-3 is well known to reduce inflammation in our bodies. Here you go, salmon is your new friend for this summer.

Washing it all down

Try making an avocado smoothie. Avocados have a good amount of omega threes and antioxidants which makes them a good fruit for those with psoriatic disease. Now, our meal seems to be complete, right? Am I something missing?

Snacks are important too!

Let’s add in some dry fruits, a rich source of nutrition. Walnuts are also a great option and an excellent source for reducing blood pressure. Psoriasis patients usually are at risk of high blood pressure and adding walnuts to the diet can help with that.

Our plate is full

We have completed the psummer diet platter! Recently, I made a kale salad with salmon and avocado dressing along with a berry smoothie. Don’t forget to some walnuts on your salad! How will you combine and enjoy the foods I've listed above?

Diet and lifestyle changes can be difficult. If you start small, you'll gain the confidence to keep going. Be kind to yourself and remember that we are all different. Do what you can to make your life with psoriasis easier.

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