Let’s Welcome An Old Friend Of Psoriasis

There was a time that simply hearing the word "summer" would make me cringe. Summer was a time I had to almost hide from people. What would people think or say if I’m outside with long pants and long sleeve shirts in 100-degree weather?

It took me years. I finally found that ray of hope where I felt confident showing my psoriasis to the world and made the decision to embrace summer.

How does the sun impact symptoms?

The summer season has the potential to bring calm to our storm. Summer and the sun can work as a remedy for us. Sunshine and vitamin D often mean relief from psoriasis. Sunlight plays its part in reducing the skin patches, while higher levels of humidity work their magic to relieve dry skin.

While the sun is going to be your friend for the season, be very cautious. Too much friendship can burn you.

Sun protection is important

While going into the sun, make sure to apply sunscreen on the skin areas where you do not have psoriasis plaques. If you are wondering which sunscreen would be the best, I recommend simply using one with a high-SPF. Try to apply it 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

Aim to make sunbathing a part of your routine. Try to sunbathe for 5 minutes per day and gradually increase the time duration to 15 minutes. Keep a watch on time because if your time duration exceeds 15 minutes, it could burn your psoriasis or trigger a new plaque.

Don't let rude stares or looks put you off. A summer body is simply a body in the summer. If you find yourself at the beach, consider additional sun protection like a hat or umbrella. If you choose to hit the water, the saltwater of the ocean can help soothe the skin and decrease inflammation. Moisturize more after a day at the beach or pool.

What else can impact your skin in the summer? Air conditioners in the summers can make skin dry. Balancing out with a humidifier and extra sessions of moisturizing can help. It is recommended by doctors to apply moisturizer within three minutes of taking a shower or swimming. Also, do your research on ointments and creams over lotions. Lotions evaporate more easily while ointments are thicker and stay on the skin for a longer time due to their consistency.Let's talk fashion choicesThe next tip on today’s menu is your clothing. Summer is a time to chill out. So, we are going to give ourselves a break from excessively covering our skin. Let’s wear breezy, loose, and breathable clothes to help our skin breathe in a humid environment.If you're spending more time outside, you can even consider SPF clothing or every psoriasis warrior's favorite - all cotton, all the time. A happy healing summerNow is the time to breathe. Go out and help your skin breathe too. During the day, the sun helps your skin heal. During the evening, humidity in the air is high in summers which means it has more moisture.I wish my psoriasis warriors a happy and healing summer season. Let’s keep fighting this together.

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