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An adult woman with plaques wears a plaque psoriasis community-colored cape blowing in the wind

Psoriasis Is My Superpower

Psoriasis is hardly ever a cheery topic. This chronic condition is a daily struggle, and those who live with it understand its mental and physical toll. The days can be long and the nights even longer.

In addition to managing the debilitating itch, consuming fatigue, and tightening skin, sometimes we just have to sit back and try to find the silver linings. If we didn't, we could spiral into a pretty dark place.

Psoriasis avengers, assemble!

Of course, there won't always be a silver lining, and keeping a positive attitude has its own layer of exhaustion. That said, looking on the bright side occasionally never hurt anyone. It holds a small key to improving a sliver of our lives with psoriasis.

I would like to share with you a few very positive things that psoriasis has brought to my life. If you feel so inclined after reading my thoughtful notes, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to comment on this article and share a positive lesson or event that happened to you as a result of having psoriasis.

My skin regenerates at lightning speed!

My skin is fantastic. It regenerates at a speed second to none. As a result of this, I have minimal scarring on areas of my body that showcase psoriasis on a regular basis. All the plaques that have passed over my skin throughout the years left no scars. For this, I am deeply grateful.

My skin regenerates quickly and looks good as new when it is done.

Avoiding enemies and building loyal sidekicks...

Life with a chronic condition tends to filter out the haters and arch-enemies. When you're honest about psoriasis up front - it gives you insight into the character of the people you may or may not want to spend your time around. There is no point in getting attached to someone who cannot accept the reality of psoriasis. This is who we are.

If I meet someone new, whether in a flare or remission, I lead with honesty. I am sharing my diagnosis, showing pictures, and be sure to talk about its impact.

There's no alter ego. It's just me!

Self-acceptance has been a difficult journey but a doable one. It definitely has its ups and downs, and there are moments when insecurity tends to be my kryptonite. Self-acceptance has, however, without a doubt, been the most valuable superpower.

Learning to accept me as I am and where I am at the moment has been so impactful and led me to a more positive and fulfilling life. Teaching me a measure of kindness and patience with myself, my mind, and my body.

Humility, a power that never grows old.

There are few things that cut you down to size as quickly as someone looking at you with a look of absolute disgust because of how your skin looks. It hurts on a level that no one should have to experience, actually. It leaves long-lasting emotional scars and deep lessons.

I've never lost this self-awareness. As painful as I can be, it's taught me empathy and the impact of being humble. It is now instinctual for me to reserve judgment and to be kind to everyone I meet.

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