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How My Support Group Helps Me

Last updated: December 2022

A strong support system isn't easy to come by and can change with the wind - or even with the appearance of a new plaque.

I count my lucky stars to have support within my psoriasis journey. I look around at my husband, children, family member, and friends and find myself consumed with gratitude. They definitely help to make my psoriatic life more bearable. I believe my experience would be so much harder if they didn’t support me.

The right kind of support from family and friends

My husband is always there for me. He supports me in our daily lives. He is my rock and the person I lean on the most. My children support me and my grandchildren inspire me. My whole family supports me in so many ways.

Additional support comes from my friends within the psoriasis community. In fact, they are like family to me. I know I can go to any of them for anything. It was on this journey while attending a conference for a psoriatic disease that I met my very best friend. She supports me in my journey because she is on the same journey.

Of course, we share our lives with one another on a deeper level than just living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I feel blessed - I know not everyone has that kind of special connection or friendship.

Can doctors provide support?

I consider my healthcare team as the final piece of my support group. I do my best to keep up with my many doctor’s appointments. There are other medical conditions that I have that make these appointments important.

I make sure my medication refills are kept up to date so I don't run out. I am always thinking ahead about what comes next. I advocate for myself when I am working with my doctors. I ask questions and look into upcoming medications.

I learned a long time ago in my journey to look out for myself and try to educate myself. Helping myself to better understand what is happening in the advancement of medication and treatments. This is why I try to help others.

There will always be challenges

Personally, it has not been a smooth ride - especially when it comes to finding doctors that listen. They are starting to realize patients have valuable input when it comes to their health journey. Family support should be easy but sometimes it is not.

When my psoriasis first started the family support was not there simply because they did not understand what psoriasis was.

The support from my friends, especially those friends that have psoriasis, is something that is truly special. They support me because they choose to do so. Sometimes in life, you have to look for the positives. My support group is an important part of my life that I do not take for granted.

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