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Support Can Bring You Around

I have had psoriasis for sixteen years. Nothing I had been prescribed had done anything to control psoriasis that had taken over 80% of my body to this point. When I was prescribed my first biologic I just knew it would be my wonder drug. I had heard how biologics were getting peoples skin cleared from psoriasis. I was so excited to start this treatment that I knew would clear all the plaques away. I could not wait to get home to tell my husband the exciting news.

Day one of treatment

The day finally came when I received the first dose. I was never so thrilled to get a shot before. I have to admit I was not aware that those shots were given in the stomach or the thigh. It sounded worse than it was. I chose to have mine in the stomach. The nurse took me through each step of what to do. I had gotten my first injection of this new wonder drug. Now it was just a waiting game on the biologic to do its trick to make psoriasis go completely away or so I thought. I still remember how excited I was to start this new journey - one free of psoriasis. If I could have only known then what the future would hold and where this journey would take me.

Fast forward six months

The day of my six-month check-up on the biologic was an appointment I will never forget. There had been little progress made in the clearing of the plaque psoriasis. My hands had cleared up beautifully but nowhere else had. I was not happy with the results nor was my doctor. He told me that I could continue to take it for the next six months since I had been approved for it or I could consider stopping taking it. He had made mention that the clinic did not have the means to follow up with me for example with lab work like I needed to be, so I said I would stop. I still remember his words to me about me taking it so well. I was glad he could not see inside me because it was there that I was crushed.

Disappointment sets in

I cried all the way home. My husband knew the appointment had not gone well as soon as I stepped into the house. We sat down and I told him everything the doctor had said along with my decision to stop the biologic. I was so upset that I even told my husband whom I had only been married to for a little over a year at this point that I would let him out of the marriage since I did not know where this disease would progress to. Lucky for me he is a great man. He said no, that he married me knowing I had psoriasis so we were in this together.

The importance of support

My husband was my rock during this depressed time in my life. I asked him several more times about him getting out of the marriage. Each time I got the same answer as before. So why do I tell you all of this? That support that I got from my husband was invaluable to me when I needed it most. I started looking for ways to get more support which turned into me giving more support as a "One To One" Mentor. It is out there. Whether it comes from support groups or people who are dealing with the same condition such as psoriasis do a search online and find that support. You will be thankful you did. In my case, I now have an extended psoriasis family to draw support from. You can too.

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