An adult male with psoriasis trapped inside a snow globe. He wears a frustrated expression as he furiously itches away.

Surviving The Winter Season With Psoriasis

Winter is here. The gray skies and crisp air can bring extra irritation for those with psoriasis. With an increase in painful skin and itchy symptoms, sleepless nights and a new level of frustration may also make an appearance.

I am so tired of my psoriasis dragging me down. Winter is my favorite season and my body's least. I feel like a walking contradiction. So how can we survive these bitter months? Here is what we'll be getting me through.

How dry air can impact psoriasis skin

Cold air means dry air, which results in dry skin. Our heating systems during the colder month can also impact this. This is your sign to moisturize more frequently and change your mindset about it. It's not an inconvenience because you and your skin are not an inconvenience.

Moisturizing more often means incorporating it more into your routine. Keep travel-size moisturizers with you wherever you go. Keep them in your bags, cars, and desk drawers. They'll keep you honest.

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

Did I mention gray skies all throughout winter? A glimpse of sunshine can be a blessing. Winter calls for longer nights and shorter days, a natural time to hibernate if you ask me. Shorter days and gray skies limit our exposure to sunlight - a natural remedy for some psoriasis skin. We're also bundled up when we do venture outside.

Phototherapy in the winter can help. Talk to your derm. Sunlight lamps are another way to trick your skin. Consider braving the cold for a little bit at a time when the sun makes its appearance. I will go out in a t-shirt for a little bit at a time to give my skin the sunrays they are looking for. Your skin just might thank you.

It's important to stay healthy during the winter season

Staying healthy in the winter is far from easy. Our immune systems are vulnerable, and germs can attack. Viral infections are usually abundant in winter, and the chances are good that I am likely to pick up one or two during the winter season.

Colds and illnesses will always send me into an additional flare, which is completely uncalled for if you ask me.  Alas, this is how it goes. I will surely stock up on additional vitamins and minerals for this time of year - adding some zinc, echinacea, and vitamin C has been my go-to for some years.

Keep your skin moisturized in all circumstances!

A hot bath or shower is my kryptonite in winter; I want the water temperature turned all the way up, and I would like to feel the hot water scratching the itchiness of psoriasis on my back. if you know, you know. However, this is severely counter-productive for managing psoriasis in winter.

It has been advised that cooler (or warmer) baths prevent skin from drying out further. This is something that I struggle with, as when it is cold out, the most comforting thing is a hot shower or bath and clean pajamas. Importantly, I ensure I moisturize extra well after I expose my skin to hot water.

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