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A man scratches at itchy plaques on his skin

Pso You're Aware: Symptoms Suck!

Psoriasis is inconvenient. This condition will never meet expectations and remains completely unpredictable. It's a chronic condition, though most people don't realize it. It never goes away and it is always there.

We're talking skin that grows too fast resulting in visible plaques. We're talking an insatiable itch that is somehow a combination of fire ants, poison ivy and an open flame. Let's say what we're all thinking here. Psoriasis sucks.

The most annoying psoriasis symptoms! Let's break it down.

We asked the Facebook community to share their most inconvenient symptoms and shared the most popular responses below. They confirmed what we already know. It all sucks. We invite you to share too.

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Do you know how annoying a non-stop itch can be? Well, if you live with psoriasis you do. It sucks! How about your body working overtime to create skin cells you don't even want? Meet fatigue, that sucks too. Want to wear the color black? Ha, not if you want to leave a trail of flakes behind!

Uncontrollable itching

Many people shared that their most frustrating symptom was constant itching. This is not only irritating but a constant stress on the body. It is hard to stay active with non-stop itching throughout the day. At times, it can make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

  • “For 7 years I was covered head to toe with painful, swollen, red, scaly, itchy, cracked, and bleeding painful psoriasis. I gave in and took Skyrizi. In literally 2 days the itch was 90 percent gone…I feel blessed.”
  • “Scratching. Makes you look like you have fleas.”
  • “Joint pain and itching.”

Relentless fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of people dealing with psoriasis. It can be frustrating to not have the same energy to perform activities you once enjoyed. It can make it harder to work throughout the day and remain productive. Some find it affects their personal life and overall quality of life.

  • “I’m glad in a way that others have said fatigue, not that I wish it on anyone. But this night owl is ready for bed at 9:30! Just exhausted.”
  • “Fatigue and all the red welts/spots. I’m lucky they rarely itch. They just look bad.”
  • “Fatigue and brain fog.”

Nonstop shedding

A lot of people with psoriasis shared that shedding was a constant problem. Seeing it appear throughout the day can be discouraging. It is common to feel self-conscious about how it may appear to those around you.

  • “The obnoxious itching and subsequent shedding that goes along with the obnoxious itching. I shed more than a golden retriever!”
  • “My wardrobe is basically mostly black and my psoriasis is only in on my scalp and eyebrows, so when I flake my shoulders look like mountain tops getting their first snow.”
  • “All of it, itching, burning, pain, dryness, swelling, the psoriatic arthritis…and the horrible stares.”

It doesn't have to suck alone.

The reality is, psoriasis can't be cured, is faced with a lot of stigma and is painful as hell. Even saying out loud "This sucks" gets the anger out of our head and into the universe. Venting can be healing and the community of is a safe place to do it.

While managing psoriasis sucks, it doesn't have to suck alone.

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