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A chef with psoriasis and a chef avocado tattoo is chopping a carrot with olive oil and tomatoes around them on the table

Psoriasis and a Tattoo

I am a professional chef living with psoriasis and want a tattoo. An avocado wearing a chef's hat is the design I am choosing for my tattoo. He represents the love I have for cooking and my mom who taught me to cook. Chef Cado as I call him is a reward for graduating from culinary school with honors.

A tattoo is a big decision

Deciding to get a tattoo for anyone is a choice that you have to think about it. First of all can I get a tattoo with psoriasis? Secondly, what will happen to my skin? Third, will I get an infection? Fourth, should I ask the doctor first? Fifth, what design should I consider? and finally, where should I get the tattoo? So many questions are going through my head.

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I have an appointment with my general doctor and I bring up the topic, "Hey Doc, what do you think of me getting a tattoo?" He seems surprised but tells me that as long as I go to reputable artist he has no problem with me getting one. He even gives me a couple places that he knows of that others have used with great reputations. Doc did kind of chuckle when I asked because I am not the type of person that most people would think would get a tattoo and I am in my forties.

A friend of mine is a tattoo artist and I trust her. She is very clean, and a great artist. Time for a phone call to ask what she thinks. She has not had anyone with psoriasis ever ask for a tattoo. She did have someone who had eczema get one. There is only one person in the hundreds she has done that every got an infection. Seems like my odds are pretty good.

Getting the tattoo done

I will admit that we had a little discussion about pain tolerance. She told me she would go slow and she would give me a break anytime I wanted to have one. She advises me to eat a small meal before we start. She tells me to get Aquaphor for aftercare and then takes out the needles to show me. They are sterilized needles and have never been used before. I must admit I am a bit nervous.

We discuss my design. She sits down and starts her work. It hurts a little bit but I am ok. The tattoo is half an avocado wearing a chef's hat. This is cute and not offensive. Chef Cado has two dots for eyes and smile. We decide not to use color seeing this is my first tattoo. My avocado has a pit that is shaded in his belly.

As the artist stated I am able to take breaks anytime I want to. The breaks do help. After about a half an hour I was much more comfortable. Two hours later I am very happy with my tattoo. She and I decide to have dinner together and catch up. We discuss what the experience was like for both of us. She tells me that I tolerated the pain better then she expected. Savanah also states that she thought I would bleed more. My surprise was that I thought it would hurt much more than it did. Only twice did I have to grin and bear it.

After care of my tattoo

Taking care of my tattoo was simple. After the design was placed and blood was wiped up with alcohol we wrapped my tattoo in plastic wrap for 24 hours. Next, I applied the aquaphor to the tattoo to keep it moist. After a few days my tattoo peeled a little like a sunburn. Peeling is the natural way for the skin to slough off and heal. Savanah came over and checked my progress often.

My overall experience was great. No infection, great design, and it didn't hurt me too bad. Location of my tattoo ended up on my right forearm. Chef Cado makes me proud of my accomplishment of becoming a Chef.

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