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The image reads, "Tell us you have psoriasis without telling us you have psoriasis. A man is smiling and looking at the viewer leaning on his hand. There are visible plaques on his hand and forearm.

Tell Us You Have Psoriasis Without Telling Us You Have Psoriasis...

The trend “Tell us without telling us,” or “tell me without telling me” asks people to share how they match a set of criteria or are part of a group without explicitly stating it. This trend allows people to make pointed statements that play with stereotypes, defining characteristics, and share inside jokes - that includes those living with psoriasis.

"Oh, you get it."

The self-consciousness that comes with a new flare, the constant scratching, and the trail of flakes we inconspicuously (or conspicuously) leave behind. There are many shared challenges and experiences that only those with psoriasis can understand.

So we asked our Facebook community, "Tell us you have psoriasis without telling us you have psoriasis" and what were the most common responses? Take a look below.

Hello - just look at me!

Visible psoriasis plaques are right there, on display, for everyone to see. I can't always find ways to hide them and why should I? This is a condition I have, this isn't a condition that has me.

Does the itching and scratching make it obvious?

When most people think of psoriasis, they think of skin, followed by itching. The dreaded, persistent, painful itch is a big part of managing life with psoriasis, but it's not the whole picture. It's unbearable and asking for help and understanding isn't that easy.

When it comes to fashion choices

Finding clothing that won't trigger a new flare or cause any type of discomfort isn't easy when your plaques are exposed and potentially bleeding. The decision to cover psoriasis plaques is to avoid stares, rude comments and unsolicited advice.

Flakes, flakes everywhere

Getting out of bed, flakes. Standing up from the couch, flakes. A quick turn of your head, flakes. If not living with visible plaques was enough, leaving a trail of flakes can only add to the frustrating management of psoriasis. While a lint roller may be one solution, it's not always that easy.

Connection in community

While all of this is a comical and light approach to what life with psoriasis can entail, we know there is so much more. How do we improve our self-esteem? What are the most comfortable fabrics? How can I practice self-control when it comes to scratching? Let's not even start on the overwhelming treatment options.

Here at, we're a community that offers a safe place for sharing, support, validation, and kindness.

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