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Coming Clean

Coming Clean

So I have been living with psoriasis for quite some time now. It’s been nine years to be exact. Fully coming to terms with my psoriasis really took some time for me. I wasn’t really able to talk about it for the first couple of years except for with my doctor and my mom. It wasn’t until about three years ago that I was able to actually verbally disclose my disease to people around me.

Learning to be honest

I always felt like there was no point in telling anyone. I mean, psoriasis is visible and at one point I had flares just about everywhere – my face included. I just felt like it was a waste of time explaining to people about spots they can clearly see. I was wrong though. You see, disclosing the terms of my psoriasis to close friends and family has helped me more than anything else in the world. I felt as if I was coming clean. I felt as if I didn’t have to hide anymore. It also helped me come to terms with my psoriasis and say to myself, “Ok I have this disease, its lifelong and that’s ok…I will get through this.”

Telling the truth and living better

The more I talk to people about my skin and explain to them about psoriasis, the easier it gets for me. I am often very intrigued at how much people are interested and want to learn and know more. Having psoriasis has also drastically helped me improve my eating habits and overall health. As a result, I am able to offer great advice to people about healthier food options and ways of alleviating stress.

I have also learned so much through talking to other people living with psoriasis as well. When I go to conventions specifically related to psoriasis and also the annual Psoriasis Walk hosted by the National Psoriasis Foundation, I am able to meet amazing people living with psoriasis and speak with doctors from around the world. My overall mindset towards my psoriasis is just so much better now that I have allowed myself to open up and talk about it. I truly think it was the best decision about my disease that I have ever made.

Start small

With that being said, I have to admit that it was not easy at first and honestly sometimes it’s still hard. My advice, however, is to take baby steps in the disclosure process. Start by first telling someone you are very close to. It could be a significant other, a family member or close friend.  They will offer you the greatest support.  I suggest telling someone you can trust first because sometimes people you don’t know can be harsh. I have received very negative comments from people after disclosing before but it doesn’t affect me as much because I know I have my family’s support first, which is the most important to me. After you have disclosed your psoriasis to someone close to you it will start to become get easier to talk about. But don’t worry, it doesn’t happen overnight it takes time. The key is to do what works for you and move at your own pace during this process. I promise it will be worth it in the end.

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