Thanking Your Rock Star Doctor

Last updated: May 2018

It is easy to complain and place blame on your doctor when things fall through the cracks. I get very annoyed when my doctor’s office does not return phone calls, loses my test results, or spends only two minutes with me during my appointment. The list can go on and on.

But, how often do you acknowledge and say thank you for the good stuff? You know, the times your doctor and staff communicate with your entire healthcare team to find a treatment that will work for you. What about the time your doctor called you after hours just to check in on you? Or what about the staff who spends hours navigating the insurance system to phrase prior authorizations just right so you can get your medication without an astronomical co-pay?

Don’t take your doctor for granted

When you have a chronic illness like psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, finding a doctor who puts you first in all ways possible is the best feeling. We all know this is rare and, as patients, we often have to choose between bedside manner and getting proper medical treatment.

If you are lucky enough to find both, be sure you aren’t taking this relationship for granted. Say thank you, say it sincerely, and say it often.

Our rock star health team

My son was diagnosed with psoriasis at age 4 and juvenile psoriatic arthritis at age 5. I count our blessings every day that we have such an amazing dermatologist. For 15 years, he’s practically been family. And when I was diagnosed three years after my son, I knew just who to see. He and his team work well with children, as well as adults. No wonder we’ve been with them for so many years!

The same was true for my son’s pediatric rheumatology clinic. It broke my heart when he had to transition to adult care. His nurse was top-notch and always balanced comfort during the bad times with pushing my son in a no-nonsense way to do more during the good times.

Time is on your side

One thing I’ve learned is that it is never too late to say thank you. No matter how much time has passed, everyone likes to get gratitude and feel acknowledged. The same is true for your doctor. And don’t forget the staff! They are important, too, and often are unsung heroes of the practice.

Thanking your doctor

Here are some ways you can say thank you without breaking the bank:

  • Thank you card: The old standby is tried and true. You simply can’t go wrong with a nice handwritten card. There is no need to spend a lot of money on fancy cards. It is the sincere message inside that is the real gift.
  • Food: Drop off a fruit basket at the office. Making your own is less expensive, and a personal delivery keeps costs low. Homemade goodies like cookies or brownies are almost always a hit. Just be sure to let the office know what ingredients are in them to avoid allergies. I try to avoid nuts of any kind, just to be safe.
  • Flowers: Pick them in your own yard and deliver them to the office to brighten their day. If you're like me and do not have a green thumb, you can still find inexpensive bouquets and pair them with vases from the thrift store. Add a ribbon to decorate, and you're good to go.
  • Turn to the Internet: Give a positive 5-star review online or provide testimony of a time your team went above and beyond. Give a shout-out on social media and be sure to tag your doctor’s office in the post. Not only are you saying thank you to them, your also showcasing their greatness to your friends and family.
  • Referrals: Nothing says thank you like singing their praises by giving referrals to others looking for great care.
  • Make a charitable contribution: Make a donation to an organization that works to better the lives of those living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. And when you do, make sure you do it in honor of the doctor you’d like to thank. It’s a win-win for patients and your doctor.

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