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My Day at the Spa

Last updated: September 2019

We were invited by one of our suppliers to a spa day in honor of women’s day 2019. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? I mean, who does not want to be pampered, inspired and fed wonderful food all in the same day? Before I had given it any proper thought, I had clicked yes on my RSVP, chose my meal and my treatment and said I was excited to be going. Was this excitement that I was feeling, or was the feeling rumbling inside something more than that? A sense of dread perhaps? What momentarily madness had befallen me? Had I totally lost my rational thought process? Or I did I simply forget that I was in a full flare with which I swear could be the death of my sanity. Or had I perhaps in a moment of strength chosen to ignore it all and just say yes?

Getting prepared for my spa day

When I came to my senses, honestly I could only roll my eyes at myself. What on earth was I thinking, this was a silly idea. So I made a cup of tea and had a little think about it. Surely you can imagine the scenarios that were going through my head. Once I had calmed down to a mild panic, the decision was made- we were going to the spa. Battle gear ready and face paint on I called the suppliers to explain that I had a condition and would need to deal with the spa directly.

I was feeling ready and braced for the rejection of "sorry we cannot treat you", or something of the sort. I was pleasantly surprised to find the spa manager to be super friendly and deeply accommodating. Of course, they can help me, and they would be more than happy to do my treatment. Whoa. That threw me off balance. They even asked me what they could do for me. My jaw just sort of dropped to the floor.

Heading to my big spa day

The morning found me feeling apprehensive and nervous, but I thought ah, it will be different when they see my skin. Look see, it was not. It was wonderful, I was checked on regularly and everything from the gowns, towel, and the temperature was checked to be sure it would not annoy my skin. Having cleared what oils I could use beforehand, there was really nothing left to do but to relax and allow myself to feel deserving and be there in the moment. Is it amazing how often times we can get ourselves all wound about something, before it has even happened? Also, I am sure that I have told my child not to do this exact thing. Oh, the lessons we learn.

My tips and tricks for going to the spa

So just a few pointers from me regarding going to the spa. Most importantly is that you must do it! Take the chance. Phone the spa upfront to explain your skin, as I feel it is easier to do this over the phone. I was petrified of getting there and being embarrassed or turned down. Then, take your own gown, and slops or slippers; comfort is the queen of being able to relax and have a good time. Take a friend for moral support and company, it helped in my mind to have a friend who was one of my people.

Next time I would ask for the room to be cooled slightly as my skin goes bananas when it gets hot. Honestly, more often than not I have been wrong about how people handle me and my skin. Go do it, you are so deserving.

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