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My Tool Kit For Psoriasis

You must be wondering what I am going to talk about today. Trust me, I have 56 years of psoriasis stories, tips, and experiences in me to get out.

I want to share with you all, my psoriasis toolkit. My toolkit helps me manage and live with this condition. You read that right. I have put together a toolkit to help me deal with this disease.

In addition to psoriasis treatment

My toolkit has a few resources that help me get through the pain and suffering and makes it quite easier for me to deal with it. We are all psoriasis warriors. I hope by sharing what’s in my toolkit, that might help you relieve some of your own sufferings

Simply relax

The first thing in my toolkit is relaxation techniques. The first thing that I do to help my body fight against the disease is to stay away from stress. I have seen my disease worsen when I take on a lot of stress. So, I have decided to help my body in this fight and cut down on stress.

The question here is how to avoid it? I follow a few techniques for that. I have started meditating every morning. It does work some and helps me feel healthier and better. I try techniques that helped me calm down during stressful times.

The anti-inflammatory diet

The next thing in my toolkit is managing my diet. I help my body fight the disease by following a healthy diet. A healthy diet for a psoriatic person is using fish oil and red pepper. Both are known for their anti-inflammatory power. Most importantly, I avoid fatty and processed food. In simple words, eating healthy is the key to manage your psoriasis.

My next fellow to help me manage my psoriasis is turmeric. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory strength. I take one teaspoon of turmeric every two days mixed in a cup of milk. If I speak the truth, it does taste bad. It has been known to help some.

Prioritizing my mental health

The best thing in my toolkit is taking care of my mental health. I take nice warm baths. I make sure the water is not too hot as it will irritate the skin. My favorite ingredient to add to my bath is olive oil or Epsom salt. These really help with that dreadful itch.

Also, another gadget that I have recently added to my room for managing my psoriasis is a humidifier. In winters, it gets really frustrating to manage psoriasis plaques as well as extremely dry skin. To manage that, I use a humidifier which keeps the air and environment of my room moist.

Moisturize, of course.

Next up is my moisturizer. I used this after my great bath. If you are a person with psoriasis, you must have fallen in love with a favorite moisturizer by now. Moisturizer soothes my skin and helps my skin feel comfortable. When my skin feels itchy, my moisturizer helps to avoid pain in the area

Seeing a change in symptoms and lifestyle

Since implementing these tricks in partnership with my medication, I have seen a huge change in my symptoms. My skin does itch or become easily irritated. It's important to note and as we all know, these things might not work for you. 

I just wanted to share my toolkit with you all for all of you to be psoriasis warriors instead of psoriasis sufferers.

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