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Traveling with Psoriasis

When the world seemed normal, traveling with psoriasis came with its own set of unique challenges. While the current state of the world adds a whole new level of difficulty - I am going to share what traveling with psoriatic disease looks like.

You can only prepare so much...

I really thought that I was ready for this. All the necessities and medications (pain killers) were packed. While I have not traveled for such a long time at once. Being a grown woman I was sure that I could handle this trip. Three airports, two planes, 3 continents, and 26 hours of traveling.  Well, I tell you what, I was so wrong.

There were two flights, one was 10 hours and the next was 15 hours.

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Sitting in the air

As someone who works a sedentary job - I sit a lot. I thought this would help me during my travels. Completely underestimating the effect on my body of sitting for so long, everything hurt. Even the body parts that typically do not cause me trouble.

Next level swelling

My hands, wrists, face, and oh my my poor legs and feet. Not even when I was pregnant did my feet swell this much. By the time I got off my first flight, which was ten hours, I was still alright. Then my body was sore and my joints were starting to complain. By the time I reached my destination, my feet were ready to pop.

Irritating fabrics

The fabric that is on the seat of the big metal bird leaves much to be desired. It makes a person itch and scratch for the entire trip. I was sure to travel in cool and very comfortable clothing to be sure to avoid having itching skin. In my bags, I had packed some extra moisturizer and anti-itch cream. They saved my behind as I got so itchy and scratchy, only a few hours in.

Pain in the joint

Now I am not sure if it was the altitude at which a plane flies or if it’s the pressure maintained in the plane, I do not think that my joints have ever gotten that sore in such a short amount of time. It was horrific, to say the least. I had some anti-inflammatory medicine with me, so I took those on the plane to helps with the trip.

Planning can make all the difference

Honestly, I did not expect my body to react the way it did. Being smart enough to know that things do not always work out as planned - having what I needed with me made the world of difference.

When I travel again, I will be even more prepared this time. Knowing that I need to make a plan for swelling too.

Do you experience pain and swelling when you travel? What are your management tips?

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