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Pso You're Aware: The Treatment Journey Sucks!

Psoriasis is a chronic condition, it takes a lot more than a simple lotion to cure. Speaking of cure, this condition doesn't have one. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition where the body produces skin cells more rapidly than not. The result is raised skin plaques on painful areas throughout the body.

So we covered the basics here, let's talk treatment, cause there is a lot. They all have to be prescribed by a doctor and range in options. There are steroid topicals, oral pills and systemic biologic injections. It all comes back to your psoriasis type and severity - and spoiler, they don't always work.

Let's say what we're all thinking. Psoriasis treatment management sucks!

So in addition to finding a treatment, praying it works, there is usually a combination of different treatments that come with it. We're talking alternative or over-the-counter options, paying attention to triggers and implementing diet changes. Here's where we share our frustration - the psoriasis treatment journey, well, it sucks.

We invited our PlaquePsoriasis.com Facebook community to share about their treatment journey frustrations. We've shared their responses below. While we have you - do you have anything to add?

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Managing pain sucks and can be so disappointing. Insurance - yeah, that certainly sucks too. Trying a variety of options and facing shortages? S-u-c-k-s!

Dealing with frequent pain

For many community members, the treatment came with frequent pain. It makes it hard to be productive throughout the day. It can also make it hard to get the proper rest you may need. The constant pain is disappointing for community members who want safe options to overcome their symptoms. The lack of promising options can be frustrating to deal with.

  • “Having the treatment nearly killed me, thanks Humira.”
  • “I do carry my own personal insurance as well… No matter, I am in a bunch of pain, but without the Enbrel I am stuck in bed…”
  • “Just started Taltz. It seems to be starting to clear up my hands and feet, but arthritis is getting unbearable. Feels like something is shredding my tendons.”

Tackling insurance issues

For many others living with psoriasis, insurance is a growing concern. It is hard to treat your condition properly without the financial support to do so. It is discouraging to treat psoriasis if the cost to do so is harmful to your wellbeing.

  • “Insurance denying everything the doctor prescribed…”
  • “Fighting insurance and hardly anything works.”
  • “I’d like biologics, but insurance companies in the USA are permitted to tie the hands of doctors.”

Shortage of options

Many community members felt trapped with their available options. With the limited options, many people struggle to find the right treatment for them. Others regret getting the treatment because of how hard it has made their journey.

  • “So I get the 1874 remedy: coal tar. Or maybe a steroid cream.”
  • “The problem is actually my immune system, but why start there when we can put a cream on the end result instead? Like a band-aid for a bullet wound.”
  • “Have you tried Urea cream or gotten a prescription for Clobetasol? The psoriasis is relentless. It is tiring and depressing trying to keep up with it but what is the alternative?”

Happy with treatment

While there was plenty of venting in response to our Facebook questions, there were also many people in the psoriasis community who expressed their contentment with their treatment. Treatment options have helped battle symptoms and get back to their usual routines.

  • “Stelara, and I'm very happy with it… I occasionally get a spot or 2 and recently due to high emotional stress. I think it’s flaring some on my feet but overall it works really well for me.”
  • “Taltz! I’ve been on it for 4 years now, and I love it! Helps with my psoriatic arthritis as well!”
  • “Humira. I am very happy with it.”

Yes, it sucks. Find a safe place to vent and share.

Psoriasis management is all consuming. It takes up so much of our physical and mental space. We can be tired of trying to see the bigger picture or finding any semblance of acceptance. Living with an incurable condition is a journey and sometimes different parts of that journey, well, those parts can suck.

The community of PlaquePsoriasis.com welcomes you wherever you are in your journey. While parts of it may suck, it doesn't have to suck alone.

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