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Health Insurance: How Much Do You (Really) Know?

Health insurance can be pretty confusing...there are premiums, co-pays, deductibles, out of pocket costs, co-insurance...the list of terms and conditions of one's plan goes on and on. We are taking some time to focus on health insurance and providing you with a one stop shop of guidance, tips and information from our contributors and editorial team to help ease the confusion of utilizing your health insurance and ways to work with your insurance provider so you can feel more empowered when making medical decisions and care plans for treating your psoriasis.

Helpful articles from our community

"Prescription For Picking Up Your (Psoriasis) Meds"
Contributor HowardC provides great tips that will help you get your needed medication at the right price and in a timely manner. Learn about resources that can assist you when picking up your prescription doesn't go as you planned.

"Have You Lost Your Mind?"
In this article DianeT discusses dealing with high deductible costs for her medication and offers some suggestions for those who encounter similar circumstances.

In the 2017 Cost of Care Survey 77% of participants noted that paying for their care and treatments posed a financial strain to their budget/their family's budget. 55% of respondents to the survey spend a lot of time researching how to save money on healthcare related expenses.Have you learned any helpful tips for dealing with high deductibles?Have an experience with balancing healthcare costs with your family's budget?

"Finding A Healthcare Provider"
When you have psoriasis you may often deal with multiple providers and communicating with each one to get a well coordinated care plan can be challenging. Wondering what the role of each provider on your care team is? Need some tips for dealing with a team of providers and who is prescribing what? This article is for you!

"Stepping Up To Step Therapy"
Learn about Chris Pettit's experience getting his medication(s) denied by his insurance provider and his helpful guide to appealing and what resources you should have in your back pocket when trying to access your medication(s).

In a recent poll conducted on our community, 73% of participants have made an appeal to their insurance provider after being denied for a medication. What's your experience appealing a denial with your insurance provider?

Tips from the Cost of Care Survey

In 2017 we conducted a Cost of Care Survey to understand more about the direct and indirect healthcare costs experienced by people living with chronic conditions. Participants shared cost-saving tips that they have used when it comes to healthcare costs.
1. Use co-pay assistance programs, typically found on a medication's website
2. Compare costs or shop around at pharmacies or testing facilities
3. Use a mail order or online pharmacy
4. Research for lower costs, sales and coupons
5. Ask your doctor for the generic form of a medication

We hear you!

We know it can feel overwhelming and challenging at times navigating your healthcare plan, balancing life and your psoriasis and communicating with your healthcare provider(s).

"I wish more people knew this... and also how expensive this [plaque psoriasis] is to treat. Insurance is just not enough."

"I wish I could simply understand the insurance now. It's so screwed up I dunno what to do anymore. I think I can get more help but when I almost have it figured out it changes again and now I can't understand it. It is costing us too much also, when we don't make enough $ so we should qualify for more help, but they are still so confusing to deal with."

While it can feel frustrating, know that there are lots of resources out there to help guide you through the challenges of health insurance. There are also lots of community members who can offer great suggestions for challenges you might encounter. Join the conversation with our other community members and get the support you need!

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