Water and Psoriasis

We all know that we need to drink water to survive. Our body is approximately 60 percent water and the brain is 70 percent water, along with the lungs that are around 90 percent water. Every day your body needs to replace a certain amount of water. So let’s talk about water. I grew up on a farm drinking well water until my early twenties until I got my first apartment and was introduced to tap water.

Cold water vs warm water

I remember over thirty years ago a doctor telling me to drink warm water because it was better for my psoriasis. I really couldn’t see the difference in drinking cold or warm water. He tried to explain to me that warm water helps heal because it accelerates the body's metabolism and helps it eliminates toxins from our body. I never thought about this until years later.

You know that when you drink an ice cold glass of water, it gives you what we used to call as a kid; brain freeze. I have noticed that when I drink warm it helps with the digestion system and eliminates a lot of things from the body; if you know what I mean.

The importance of staying hydrated when living with psoriasis

So many of us drink everything each day but water. To be honest; I was not a water drinker either. We need to drink plenty of water to continue to have good health. Water keeps us hydrated. We lose so much water from the body in just everyday things like breathing, sweating and of course going to the bathroom.

We have all heard for years to drink eight glasses of water every day. Since I have psoriasis, I drink my water. I have noticed that when I am dehydrated that I can see my skin all cracked and dry and my lips become very sore. I see a big difference in the healing of my psoriasis in many ways when I consume water.

Should I filter my drinking water?

Water helps all our organs. I know that some places put chlorine in the water. Have you ever wondered what this is doing to our skin? I’m just asking. When I was living in the city years ago, I know a lot of people would filter their water. I’m not sure if it helped or not, but I figure getting rid of any type of contaminants could help the water. You can also have your water tested to see what is in it.

Drink pure water when possible

Water has a lot of healing principles. We use water for our baths, making our bodies cool, cooking, etc. I had to really become proactive with water and my psoriasis.

We can’t necessarily just trust just because it comes out of a pipe that it’s good. People get sick every day from their drinking water. I want us to be mindful of what’s in our water. I know that it can either help heal you or it can hurt you.

I see so many people consuming waters with color in it. I have read the ingredients and there is a bunch of sugar in these which is not too good for the body. I used to drink these myself. Over the years I have learned to drink pure clean water. Those of us that have this disease know that we will try anything to make us comfortable with our psoriasis.

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