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A silhouette of an individual drinking kefir water. As it works its way through the digestive tract, light spreads throughout the entire body. Different types/flavors of the drink sit in the background.

Water Kefir As An Alternative Psoriasis Treatment

Kefir is a fermented drink with some health benefits and has been used across cultures and communities. The kefir grains that create these cultured drinks are made with yeasts, bacteria, and lactic acid. 

I have not yet attempted to make this myself, choosing instead to leave this to the professionals. I needed to find a reliable, organic source for this article.

Breaking down the two types of kefir

There are two different types of kefir. Milk kefir, a probiotic beverage, is well-known and can be found in many grocery stores. Water kefir is another probiotic-rich beverage; however, water kefir is dairy-free kefir. Water kefir is also a lighter beverage and can be flavored in many ways.

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I choose water kefir; I find it easier to ingest and not as filling as milk kefir. When it is something you want to drink every day, being palatable is quite important. Personally, I get it in different flavors, which I've found to be very pleasant.

Balancing gut health

You are reducing gut inflammation and helping create a healthy digestive system. Kefir is loaded with probiotics; therefore, it can help balance your gut health. This would mean that with a more beneficial digestive system, your body could absorb more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins from your food. 

This would mean all round health improvement. It should, in turn, help balance out the immune system and help reduce the psoriasis symptoms.

My kefir approach to psoriasis management

For me, finding water kefir was impactful, having always wanted to try it. I was never able to stomach the milk kefir. 3 weeks ago, I started drinking water kefir regularly, 1-2 cups daily. I am always so anxious and excited when I start something new. Will it yield any results?

After 3 weeks of drinking it daily, I have noticed that some of my new and bigger lesions have slowed and calmed down. While the flare is still spreading, it is happening much slower. There is not as much plaque build-up, the scaling is reduced, and the plaques are not as thick and inflamed.

Have you seen clear skin as a result of drinking kefir?

My swelling seems to be down, and my pain level has been manageable. I have definitely seen some significant changes in my digestive health. Having had IBS for most of my life, this is undoubtedly a significant improvement. My bloating is better than it was, and my daily comfort levels are better.

I would love to hear from our community if you have tried kefir, either milk or water and your experience with it. I am certainly going to keep on drinking it! Could I be cautiously optimistic about this?

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