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Does Your Psoriasis React To Different Types of Water?

When a new psoriasis patch pops up, we may think, "now, what triggered this one?". We do our best to keep track of our triggers, maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep up with our treatment, but sometimes triggers are simply out of our control. Triggers that come from our environment. One example could be the water available within our home.

A new psoriasis trigger: Water!

Everyone's hometown is different, which means the water is different. My home is in the Midwest - about 50 miles north of the city of Chicago. The city's water source is Lake Michigan. My body is accustomed to this.

The water pressure when bathing or showering has never disappointed. I even swam in the water's local beaches. This was the water offered to me.

Recently, I traveled to Florida, where my father lives. My Dad has a beautiful house, and after this visit, I can confirm my body does not like well water! My Dad has well water. He lives on the outskirts of Kissimmee, Florida, with no city water.

Finding new ways to adjust to the water

My city nose immediately recognized the smell of sulfur in the water. Not too soon after, my body started its all-consumed itch. Upon drying off, my skin became red, dry, and irritated. A sure sign of the start of a psoriasis flare. Over the course of my stay, from washing my hands to showering, itch and pain consumed me.

Initially, we didn't realize this was the case. I broke out in severe hives, and my skin was itching everywhere. I love my Dad and his house, and I have learned to adapt. Distilled water becomes the way I wash up. Spring water is how I brush my teeth and what I drink.

Good thing my Dad lives in Florida because I leave the gallons of distilled water in the sun so that I can wash my hair. I suppose I could take the time to warm up the water before I use it, but it's an awful lot of work.

A reaction like no other

Today the sun was shining, and a sun shower occurred. The rain was warm. I grabbed my shampoo and conditioner and embraced nature's shower. It felt very good. The best part was that my skin didn't get irritated—a natural remedy. Just about when I finally get my body accustomed to the water and weather, it will be time to head home.

Sadly my skin may flare a short amount when I return, but it was worth it. I spoke to my dermatologist and asked what she thought about my sensitivity to the well water. She told me that she felt that it was more of a regional environmental issue. What do you think?

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