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Is My Weight Affecting My Psoriasis?

There are many topics that are very sensitive and weight is certainly one of them. Our body shapes are all different. Due to the pressure from societal standards, we are often at odds with ourselves about it.

Our weight & our health

Discussing our weight and anything to do with it can be a hard conversation to have, especially with ourselves. I am not a person who judges others by their packaging. We were all made differently and I love that we all come in different colors and shapes.

I feel rather strongly that being over or underweight can affect our body and our health. Therefore weight can also impact our psoriasis and the way our body responds to it.

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Our bodies need certain fuels and hydration to do the things that it needs to do. Like a well-oiled engine, it needs to have the fuel to run properly and function optimally. Having psoriasis already a challenge and it places a huge amount of strain on our bodies. Well, for me anyway.

Making changes

Late, I have been making changes that will ultimately lead to a happier healthier me. I have started taking responsibility for the things that are within my control.

Choosing a better life and a healthier one is important overall and when you have a condition like psoriasis it becomes that much more important.

You guys, for the longest time, I have said that my weight does not bother me. The truth is though that it does. However, if I admit that, it would mean that I have to take responsibility for it and would have to do something about it. This realization is the one that I can really do something about. I can make changes to better this.

The impact on mental health

Thinking about my weight and the impact it may or may not have on my psoriatic disease can take a toll on my mental health. These topics can send me down a pretty depressive spiral. Add a psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis flare to this mix and it is not a good place to be. 

Last year I took this step, quietly within myself, I made a choice to make better decisions. I started going to cross-fit and changed my diet.

Making healthier choices can positively impact your psoriasis. By giving your body the right nutrients and working out, you can help it function optimally. It can positively impact your journey by improving your mental health and how you feel about yourself.

Have you found that gaining or losing weight has impacted your psoriasis? I would love to hear from you.

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