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What Goes In, Must Come Out

Have you ever wondered about your intestines and psoriasis? This is a subject that very rarely comes up or something that we never talk on a daily basis. My doctor has been telling me for years to get more fiber in my diet for my health.

We know that there are good and bad bacteria that stay in the intestines and certain medications that can compromise our intestines.

I have had psoriasis for over 50 years and now realizing that my diet is a key element to keeping my intestines healthy. What enters my intestines has much to do with my skin being clear or unclear or how much I itch that day.

The gut and skin connection

I was doing some research on the gut and psoriasis and found out the gut has a lot to do with the skin. I remember talking to my primary care physician years ago when I developed diabetes and high blood. He told me my body had high levels of chemicals which cause me to have high blood pressure, and my body fat had elevated which cause my blood pressure to go up.

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Our body has a chemical called LPS [Lipopolysaccharides] that makes up a large number of bacteria that lives within the gut. This causes 'leaky gut' which causes the LPS to get into our bloodstream, making the inflammation flare up in us. When these proteins get into our bloodstream, our systems recognizes them as foreign and attack causing inflammation. When we remove the foods that are causing this and add things that heal the gut we can cut down on the inflammation.

Leaky gut syndrome can set the stage for health problems such as psoriasis. The skin is the body's largest organ so it's not surprising that it comes under attack when toxins come through the bloodstream. This is a subject that I’d like to see more research on.

Finding that balance

I had a colonoscopy done a few years ago. I have always been told that the intestines have a lot to do with my skin and my psoriasis. As I was prepping for my colonoscopy I had to drink this medication to be ready for the procedure. I remember a few days after the procedure thinking how much better I felt. I was happy that everything was ok and they didn’t find anything.

My energy level was at a high level all because I had my intestines cleaned out. There is nothing worse than having joint pain, joint stiffness, arms, and shoulders aching and you try to go the bathroom and unfortunately, you are constipated causing more pain.

Let's take care of our gut and not put everything in it. I want to have the right amount of bacteria that the body requires. Inflammation, which a lot of times we don’t think about it, settles in the intestines. The large and small intestines matter. They are our lifeline.

Many people I speak with fear having a colonoscopy, but it was a no brainer for me due to my psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. Remember the guts and psoriasis are connected. One thing I’ve learned is that what goes in must come out.

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