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Is Your Psoriasis Getting Worse And Better At The Same Time?

It may sound odd, but I think my latest psoriasis flare is getting better and worse simultaneously. I’m noticing new patches forming in some places, whereas other lesions in other areas seem to be disappearing. It’s really strange.

Is my skin clear? I'm not sure!

I’ve been in the middle of a sort-of-flare for some time. The biologic I am on hasn’t stopped doing its job, but it never cleared me 100 percent in the first place. It appears to have less of an effect as time passes, but I remain hopeful that it will keep me primarily clear.

What I’m finding, however, is that some psoriasis patches are getting bigger - though not so significant - while others appear to be completely clear. As I said before, it’s really strange. The angry redness doesn’t want to go anywhere in the lesions on parts of my body, while others barely itch and are lessening in size.

But why is this happening? I haven’t changed my routine or how I treat the patches in any large way. I apply moisturizers after I shower and just before bed, and I try to avoid itching or scratching the lesions whenever I get the urge to.

Psoriasis comes, psoriasis goes

On my scalp, I noticed a patch just above my hairline, which was causing me some nuisance, being very itchy all the time, but that appears to have gone. I can’t tell if the patch has disappeared, but the itchy redness seems to have gone down.

I had quite a bad patch in my belly button, but that now appears to have gone too. On the flip side, patches have started forming on my legs and thighs, although small in size, and my elbows can be very itchy, but I can’t see any lesions there yet.

That adds to another part of this puzzle which may baffle you as it did me. I find myself itching in places, thinking, yes, this will lead to a lesion or a patch is about to form, but then a week later, nothing and no redness, itchiness, or patch are present. As I’ll say for a third time, it’s really strange.

Better? Worse? At least not severe!

I have been getting used to the strangeness, however, and honestly, I am just pleased my patches are not too widespread and severe. When you’re a sufferer of this illness, and it takes over your body, you can often feel so alone and like no one else is experiencing what you’re going through.

So, while the outbreaks on parts of my body irritate me, they are not so severe that it makes me feel like I once did. I guess I am trying to say that I am adapting to this new psoriasis norm. How long will it last? I have no idea. Will the patches grow in size and become more red and angry? Who knows. Does this all bother me? Not really.

I never expected full clearance, though that would be amazing. As long as it’s manageable and I’m seeing my treatment help me, I don’t mind. But right now, if patches want to form and others want to leave me alone, I’m cool with that.

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