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Brittany Ineson

Brittany Ineson is fairly new to the psoriasis community, having been diagnosed only five years ago. But being a “newbie” hasn’t stopped her from diving head first into the community. Triggered by extreme stress, her psoriasis spread fairly quickly and within just a month or two covered almost 90% of her body. Unsure that what she had was in fact psoriasis and having nowhere to turn, Brittany dove into the world wide web for answers. We all know that searching the web can be a dangerous thing but, luckily, it helped her to stumble across fellow psoriasis patients and their blogs. This encouraged Brittany to receive actual medical help and begin her own blog, SeeingPspots, in hopes that she could help others the way that she was through others inspirational and honest stories.

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Brittany is also a health advocate and community ambassador for the National Psoriasis Foundation. She hopes that through this advocacy and her blog, which features her personal struggles and stories with the disease, that she can encourage others to step up and fight for a cure for this disease. Brittany believes that “sometimes we become so accustomed to hiding our disease on the outside that we begin to hide it on the inside as well.” Her dream is to one day bring us all out of the darkness and share our stories in order to end the stigma and show that we are not psoriasis sufferers, we are psoriasis survivors.

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