Ryan Johnson

”ryan_johnsonRyan was previously an advocate on PlaquePsoriasis.com

Ryan Johnson is a fitness professional based out of New York City. Along with training clients both in-person and online, Ryan is a writer and co-founder of Sons Of Strength, alongside his brother, Eric. Together, they are the dynamic duo of the fitness industry.

First diagnosed with psoriasis in elementary school, Ryan has dealt first hand with the struggles it brings. However, oddly enough, Ryan now credits psoriasis for shaping his entire life. After a series of events and years of struggling to develop a positive body image, Ryan found himself inside of the gym. After months of dedicated training, Ryan realized that training elicits much more than just physical progress. Training empowered Ryan with a newfound confidence and the ability to finally gain control of his life. At that moment, Ryan knew that health and fitness was not just a passion, but a calling. Since then, Ryan’s daily life involves helping all walks of life strengthen their weaknesses; both inside and out of the gym.

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