Completely Gone!

I have had psoriasis since I was 10. It only has gotten progressively worse over the years. I am now 64 and had it over 75-80 % of my body including my finger and toe nails. I have tried every lotion, potion, shot, lights, etc. over the years (never tried a biologic because of the myriad of side effects). I finally decided to quit smoking, and my Dr. gave me a prescription for Chantix. Within 2 weeks of starting to take it, my psoriasis was completely gone, even my fingernails were starting to get better. I had to move in January and the people that were helping me pack accidentally packed it in with things that went into storage. I have not taken it since January 9th, and the psoriasis is starting to come back. I made an appointment with my Dr for next week to see if he can give me another prescription for it.


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