The Frustrations of Being Diagnosed With Psoriasis

Last updated: October 2019

About a year ago in October of 2019, I noticed one spot on my left forearm. I didn't think much of it. As I was dealing with an enlarged goiter on my thyroid and a 22 cm fibroid on my uterus.

Could this be psoriasis?

Then I started stressing out, as I'm facing two major surgeries. In January I had my thyroid removed. As I'm going into surgery I pointed out the one spot on my forearm and told the doctor it's been there for more than 3 months and if I should be concerned. The surgeon said no. Then in March, I went for a Hysterectomy, and that one spot was still there. Thanking the Good lord no Cancer.

Now on daily meds for thyroid and monthly blood work. In May I notice the whole arm is covered now with similar spots, then noticed my back and chest have red spots. In July I went to my primary doctor and she said it's psoriasis, then gives me triamcinolone acetonide cream 0.1%.

Getting diagnosed with psoriasis

In August, she refers me to a Dermatologist. I went to see her a week ago. By now, my skin is covered and I haven't been outside all Summer because it would burn my skin so bad. I would plan out where the shaded parts were, eventually I would not go outside at all. Every summer since I was a kid I joined a pool club, but not this Summer. My Dermatologist said its psoriasis and sent me for blood work and all different kinds of cream lotions ointments for all areas. I still have no clue what psoriasis is. I used up all the meds in 4 days. I call my pharmacy because I need refills but my insurance won't cover it for two more weeks. I call the insurance company and tell them I need refills and let them know the dermatologist is putting me on Humira injections, but I have no clue about any of these meds.

Finding the right treatment is frusutrating

Why does insurance only cover Humira? So of course, I start looking into psoriasis all the cream using Humira injections, etc. I get refills but they are not the same as I started with. By now my arms are clearing up about 55%, chest is all clear, upper back and shoulder are light pink. My right leg is now covered with brownish spots and my left leg from knee to ankle. My face was clearing up, but spots would sometimes appear on my cheeks, eyebrow, and nose.

I'm hearing all kinds of horror stories of others suffering with psoriasis for many years. I don't want to have to suffer any longer, and I don't have time for trial and error treatments, I want to nip it in the bud now and never ever have another flare-up or outbreak whatever you want to call it. Life is too short and since psoriasis has been around since the 18th century and billions of people have been suffering with it. It should not be still at trial and error treatment.

The connection between stress and psoriasis

No known cure. Not everyone's bodies are the same but everyone has a similar psoriasis story. The first treatment I had was creams, lotions, and ointments, but my dermatologist knows damn well psoriasis is more than skin deep. No one mentioned this to me ever that it's an autoimmune disease. That stress and diet play a huge part in this. I go and change all soaps and detergents. I have always had high-stress levels since I was a child. 8 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. This too plays a major part in all this.

Hoping for a cure

If it wasn't for this site I would still be still clueless, so thank you. When will one doctor be able to help me? It all goes back to the root of all evil, money. I could not believe the amount of money for one small tube of treatment creams that are steroids. No doctor has found a cure already or are they just not putting it out cause they would lose money? We are all living in a dangerous time. Please lord, cure all sick and suffering from any form of psoriasis including myself. Amen. I hope my story helps many others.

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