My healing story

After finding what the remedy was to heal my psoriasis I thought about other message boards I had been to and remembered people who came back to share their story and thought it would be so selfish to not do the same understanding how frustrating this disease is.

Trying everything to heal my psoriasis

I had psoriasis on about 25% of my body, legs, arms, scalp, torso and back for about 10 years and about 3 months ago I figured out how to heal it, and it was unbelievably simple. I realize everyone is different but I desperately hope some of you can use this remedy. I tried so many medications and methods that I’m sure many of you do. I spent $4k on a naturopathic doctor and I was on a 6 month diet and supplement plan. After about 4 months something I was taking started healing my psoriasis.

I started drinking celery juice in the morning but later realized that was not my cure (though it’s probably not bad for you). I was taking so many supplements I had no idea which one was helping. The plan was too expensive and fast forward a year later and my skin was worse than ever.

Finally found something that helped

Here’s what eventually cured my skin. My wife purchased a box of pills that are probiotics, vitamin D and calcium in one pill. I randomly said I’m just going to be consistent and take it every day. Mind you I have tons of food sensitivities to eggs, dairy, gluten and all kinds of stuff that I was mostly staying away from.

After a few weeks of being CONSISTENT with taking this pill my skin started healing. I realized I had a similar pill with my old naturopathic plan and realized this might be what is helping. I don’t know which part of the pill (D, Calcium or probiotic) is the cure but I don’t care. It’s unbelievably cheap and my skin is almost 100% clear.

Noticing huge improvements

I started taking 2 of the pills a day instead of 1 and then started eating all of the foods I wasn’t supposed to and guess what, my skin continued to heal (just not quite as quickly).

I promise you that I do not work nor know anyone who works for this company and I assume any similar pill will work but the one my wife bought is a large box with a year supply of individually wrapped pills called “One Year Product” 4000iu Vitamin D + Calcium.

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