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My love/hate relationship with scratching that itch!


I've had this since...ohhhhhhh, about a year or so?

Possible psoriasis

Haven't seen a dermatologist yet so perhaps it's not psoriasis. Google and I are pretty sure it is this plaque variety. Or maybe the arthritic kind. But it is crazy itchy at times. I've had ample opportunity to explore the often compulsive, or even often absentminded, scratching of my left lower leg. The shin in front, and the left side of my calf. Both places easily reached with my left hand.

First, there's the texture: almost like a suit of armor but only in certain spots, tiny bumps of coagulated blood like tiny berries, and the bits of dry, flaked skin. If aware, I then carefully refrain from using fingernails and instead run the top pads of my fingers along the different textures vaguely impressed that my skin can do these things.

Scratching the itch

Of course one thing leads to another and then I experience the almost ecstatic release of SCRATCHING THAT ITCH! Other times I have no recollection of having scratched anywhere yet there is blood running down my leg. Often a dried up trail of blood is the only clue to an unconscious scratching event. Even after all this time it is almost impossible for me to go 24 hours without scratching. So there's my current state of scratching my itch.

PS: I do have a dermatologist's phone number stored and ready to go. I'll be making that appointment any day now ;)

Thanks for reading, enjoy the day.


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