A New Way of Life

Last updated: August 2016

I was diagnosed with psoriasis. It started out small and I thought no big deal . . . I  can deal with this. Time went on and now it's covering my body. I'm dealing with new emotions, new skin, and a new way I am going to have to look at my life now. I have to think about my diet, my clothes and how I am going to live with a lifelong ball and chain. I know that people don't really understand how I feel. The burning . . . itching . . . and just the way they look at me affects me altogether. I know that I could be in a whole bigger health problem than what I have . . . some people would be glad to switch with me. I guess I'm happy for it not being worse. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm in and out of #consciousness on how my life looks right now. I'm also thankful for just getting up in the morning.

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