State of mind

About two years ago I started developing red patches on my elbows, slow-growing and itchy but since I never really saw them I didn’t overthink it too much.

Getting my psoriasis diagnosis

Back in February this year, I went to the doctor about an ear infection and thought I’d just quickly mention my elbows. She took one look and knew within seconds it was plaque psoriasis. I knew what psoriasis was, I’d googled what it could have been but didn’t think it would be it as I didn’t know anyone in my family with it. I left the doctors and felt sad. I had read about how bad it could be and at the time I had a killer ear infection so my emotions were a little heightened!

I was given my first try of creams that day. But after I had been diagnosed, it was as if my body went into full psoriasis mode and it started popping up, everywhere. It was as if since I found out it got 10x worse.

The past couple of months have been rough

It was pretty bad when the pandemic started, I also then couldn’t see a doctor easily. This is when it started to develop on my bumcheeks and crack. Which later went onto develop further around to my front and up to the clitoris. The itchiness and discomfort were unbearable, going to the toilet was a struggle without the skin burning.

Obviously, this affected my self-esteem massively and stopped me from being intimate with my partner. I also had problems with my bladder a few years back so having discomfort down there definitely put me back into the dark headspace I was in then.

I went through the loss of a friend during this time too, as well as job security worries and general stress during this time. I was struggling to stay calm and had bursts of anger and upset, which only worsened my skin.

Finally found a cream that helps

I had a couple of calls with doctors who would give me another type of steroid cream and moisturizers but I felt they were too strong for the sensitive skin around my labia. This past week I finally managed to have a doctor look at it in person and I am now on different creams that seem to be working much better.

My new positive attitude for psoriasis

I found out on my dad's side there is psoriasis. I spoke to my Granny, who’s only advice was “It’s all about your state of mind” There are obviously other factors which can help such as diet, but I really believe this too.

I’ve started taking the time to do breathing exercises to relax and treating my moments of putting creams on with a calm approach. Sometimes I’ll light some candles, put some music on and apply all my creams and just lie on my bed and treat it as a self-care moment, which it is! Take the time for you and your skin.

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