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Psycho Psoriasis

So my psychological state aka: stress and anxiety…. literally drives my psoriasis psycho…. it will go from irritated yet still somewhat calm, to on fire, angry and rampant… Consequently, this adverse inherently self-destructive physical manifestation or side effect makes this disease literally an evil demon…. it creates my own personal hell that I’m expected to live in looked at as a lepor by those who were lucky enough to not have their bodies natural immune system that they were born with betray them and somehow through no intention of their own or even know how, it became corrupted… my defense system went rogue and decided it should attack itself as if my system somehow had been hacked and malicious remote code is being performed to corrupt my binary source code that we are all born with and are supposed to have.

This demon literally possesses me… it tries desperately to control me… physically, mentally and spiritually in any way possible. It searches to perpetuate suffering, which, by the way, is by far most prominent in the emotional aspects of my life. This demon lives in me, uninvited and refuses to leave. It makes sure the world sees it before it ever sees me. I am a host to this evil parasite, yet sadly people perceive this demon as if it was me… as if I were it.. as if we were one and the same. Rendering me by default as lower as a person in comparison to themselves. If only they all could just not see… maybe then they would actually be able to see the real me… demon psoriasis free.

Hi, my name is Sandee and I suffer from something I call psoriasis psychosis. Subconsciously self-conscious, knowing I’m inhabited by a demon that lies to the world about who I really am and what I’m really worth. But do not pity me for I refuse to be its victim. I am stubborn, and no matter how many looks of pity or disgust I get from the world I won’t let it win. I won’t let it make me believe that I’m “worth less” than anyone else… I am not it…. “It” is not the true reflection of the real “me”!!!

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  • CathyD moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi Sandee,

    Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your story with us. This was very powerful and you certainly have a way with words!!

    Stress is a really big one for me too. I can almost guarantee that if I go through a stressful period I will have a new patch of psoriasis pop up somewhere. How are you managing today?

    -Catherine, Community Moderator

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